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Thread: 62gr OTM or BTHP round for 14.5 w/MK6 CMRW

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wake27 View Post
    Ah ok, the 855 part makes sense now. What’s GTW though?

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    Quote Originally Posted by navyman8903 View Post
    My 14.5 project gun is a Geissele URGI that will soon be wearing a Surefire RC2, a Leupold MK6 in a super precision mount and DBAL/light combo. My goal is to consolidate ammo into 4 different rounds tops:

    1. 56gr MEN 5.56
    2. 62gr M855
    3. 62gr OTM or BTHP ????????????? (still in selection phase)
    4. 77gr TMK Black Hills

    I'm looking for a MK318 Mod 0 replacement, but I can push out to 500 ish....... barrier blind or partially barrier blind in close wouldn't be a bad thing. I can't find the MK318 anymore (I have 220 rounds still), the federal load has been rebranded/coded and I can't find it. They had it at GT distributors for $1 a round and it sold out. The winchester 62gr OTM from Sweden is good stuff.....but it's out of stock at the moment, that was my purchase schedule not meeting up with demand. I am interested in the Barnes 62gr black hills stuff, but it's more expensive than the damn 77gr stuff.......

    SO! I'm wondering what I should do. I use the 77gr in my RECCE style rifles and 11.5's. I have the M855 for my M16A4 clone.....and because reasons (Also like 5K rounds on hand), the 56gr men is good for the same rifles zeroed for the 77gr TMK because of the overlap.......just hunting a 62gr that I can reliably stock for my 14.5's.

    Edit: I'm also planning the cheap version of this exact build with a BCM 14.5, PA 1-6 FFP ACSS, RC2 and OWL. But I'm still planning to use the same 62gr ammo.
    I use barrier blind Federal 62 gr TBBPXM556SBCT3 from Bone Frog Gun Club ......also, Black Hills 77 gr OTM. 2 great loads through a MK18 with LMT Enhanced Bolt

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    I take the TMK is roughly equivalent to the 77 SMK in DocGKR’s testing?

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