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Thread: Remington Pistol Primers..........

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    Remington Pistol Primers..........

    I typically use Winchester or CCI primers in my handgun loads. The last time I was in need, my typical supplier only had Remington 5.5's in stock. (their standard small pistol primer) I bought a thousand count and have encountered a dead primer at least once in every hundred. Today, it was four out of one hundred and fifty rounds. These were all well struck, no light strikes here. After this experience I'll never use Remington primers again. Everything else about Remington went to shit when they where bought by the Freedom Group. i guess their primers are no different.
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    Remington pretty much sucks ass at everything now.

    At least you're getting some malf clearing practice in
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    I quit using Remington SP primers a number of years ago. Now use Winchester almost exclusively in handguns.
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    I have a lot of Remington primers in my cache - they are older so I am starting to rotate them out. No issues so far with my Remington Small Pistol or Large Rifle, but again these are probably 10 years old.

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    There have been a few times when I've at least considered buying Remington primers. Good to know that sticking with CCI and Winchester has been a good decision.

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    During the shortages when companies were cranking out ammo and components, they all sucked. I had the same rate of failures as the OP with Winchester and CCI. When I emailed CCI, they said it was my loading technique. Currently produced CCI primers have had a nearly zero failure rate in 20K rounds.
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