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Thread: SD 10/22s

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    If cost is not a concern a PS90 is a sweet option for the niche being described

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    Quote Originally Posted by StraitR View Post
    I saw SD in the title and thought "integrally suppressed 10/22 talk, cool".
    Here you go. Hate for you to go wanting. Lol! A suppressed 10/22 with no River parts except the magazine. Can is the Gemtech Mist-22

    As for the article in the OP - a .22 isn’t a great choice but it beats the old, “stop! Or I’ll say stop again!”
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    Quote Originally Posted by BehindBlueI's View Post
    There must be some miscommunication or confusion somewhere because that's certainly not the case. I've had plenty of folks not even be real bothered by a .22 from a long gun. I think I've told the story of the guy who kept messing with a lesbian about her daughter and the lesbian pulled a rifle out of her pants leg and shot him in the thigh. He was walking around smoking and joking. My thought is she was going for his genitals and jerked the trigger, as he was making sexually aggressive remarks prior to the shooting. It was close enough there were powder marks. Didn't get to the femur or break it. A 9mm almost certainly would have.

    I get the 'better than nothing' argument.

    I don't buy the cheap training argument, especially in conjunction with the 'frail' argument. Someone so impaired is unlikely to be shooting a brick at range day. I also suspect the number of people so frail they can't handle a 9mm carbine but can handle a 10-22 is likely very very small. I had a Hi-point carbine as a feed house gun "back in the day" and honestly I'd equip someone with that before a .22 carbine. Even hits in the heart aren't always a fast stop and aren't always fatal. Add in the inability to break major bones, ease of deflection, and *I suspect but can't prove* reduced liklihood of psychological stops due to decreased noise and muzzle blast, I just don't think the trade offs are worth it. Can it work? Sure. I'd even say it will most likely work for home defense. But a pistol caliber carbine will cover a few more bases and at not much cost in recoil, etc.
    I apologize. I must either have misunderstood or may be misremembering who made the post I’m thinking of. I do agree with all your points about why a 9mm PCC would be a better home defense weapon than a .22 rifle.
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    @El Cid YES! So many likes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BehindBlueI's View Post
    What's the advantage, other than cost, over any of a number of 9mm carbines?
    I contemplated a .22WMR semi-auto carbine and concluded there is nothing it would do in the HD regime that a 9mm carbine wouldn't do many times better. If Ruger would make the PCC with a fixed barrel, I'd buy one already, in spite of what @DocGKR says.
    Not another dime.

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    I have a takedown 10/22 with a 2x7 Leupold, and a bunch of mags in one of those copper basin covert packs as a grab and go. I can literally dump half a box of .22lrs out of that thing in around 10 seconds. If that was all I had for HD, I'd probably be ok, considering the total payload-over-time calculus. It's no AR, but it's also one of the last rifles I'd sell.

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    Consider that the PS90, a fully automatic high rate of fire 5.7 with 50 round mag has been tested by various groups and found lacking. You want a semiautomatic 22LR (a rimmed cartridge) with at most a 25 round mag? Add to that I haven’t found my 10/22 or any semiautomatic 22LR to be particularly reliable. Maybe better than a sharp stick but I’ll keep my 5.56.

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    This is one of the niches the M1 carbine with good ammo filled really well; before they became collectors items.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BehindBlueI's View Post
    What's the advantage, other than cost, over any of a number of 9mm carbines?
    Whoa, let's keep reality out of this.
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    Ruger’s 9mm PCC is like shooting a 9mm 10/22. No recoil, handles quick, really accurate, and feels like cheating with a red dot on it. A friend of mine put one together as a cheap PCC gun and it works really well so far. I’ll have to ask him but I think he’s probably around 1k round count. Im waiting to see how it holds up long term. I agree that a non-takedown model would be better.

    I think it would be ideal as a home defense gun for someone that’s recoil sensitive.
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