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    I've got a buddy who's running a Vortex Venom on his Gen5 G34 MOS. Ameriglo told him he had to run their tallest suppressor height sights to clear the optic housing, and they're obscuring most of the bottom of the (admittedly small) window. What height sights are y'all running on your smallish RDS on MOS guns?


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    Not Glock, but related. On my direct milled HK VP9 I tried a set of Heine suppressor height sights and found they blocked too much of the window on my RMR. Switched them out for a standard height set of Heine’s that work great. On my direct milled Glocks, suppressor height sights from Suarez and Ameriglo work fine.
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    Also not Glock specific. I keep the bottom of a typical rear sight notch even with the top of the sight base. I also really like the trapezoidal shape of the Ameriglo sights. Both minimize how much window is obscured.

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    Most suppressor height sights, which are generally recommended for milled RMR applications, sit .315" above the slide. For an RMR on an MOS slide, appx .395" above the slide is the standard. YMMV. For other optics and applications, consult the iron sight manufacturer, most of 'em have it figured out by now.

    Be aware of what's being measured also. Dawson sights are measured above the slide (not including dovetail). Others may include the dovetail, so a supposed .395" rear sight is .395" total height, while still being only .315" above the slide (Glock dovetails are usually appx .79" deep).
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    On my G19MOS with RMR I found the Dawson 0.395 (above the slide) rear to be too tall. I just got a .395 (total) rear and .315 front sight from 10-8, and they are perfect for me. The top of the RMR splits the rear notch, and the fiber on the front sight is almost totally visible over the RMR with the sights aligned.

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    While not totally relevant to the initial post, this was the only buis thread I saw in the sub-forum.

    Just ran across this today and thought it was a cool idea. Small buis that mounts in the optic via the screws holding the irons down. Probably not a carry option for most of us, since if your optic screws break, there goes your irons as well. But for a gamer that wanted a low profile option or didn't have a dovetail milled, or a training/dry practice gun that needs an option.

    I don't know where it may fit in really, I just think it is a cool step in the direction of low profile buis options.

    Here's somebody's post on IG that made me aware of the product and it gives a decent view.
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