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Thread: Compact and Lightweight, Scout-like, .308 Bolt Gun

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    Quote Originally Posted by DacoRoman View Post
    Very cool...I have to admit Im very intrigued by this straight forward and practical option...hmmm..

    How heavy is it with and without scope please?
    6 lbs 10 oz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fatdog View Post
    Thanks for sharing, I have been intrigued by that 6.5CR Steyr Scout rifle since it was introduced, but haven't talked or corresponded to anyone who actually had it. Sounds like the accuracy is living up to the cartridge's reputation.

    Is the 10 round kit for yours, and for that matter are the 10 round magazines the same parts/items as the .308 version of the kit and magazines that Steyr sells?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DacoRoman View Post
    And these are even controlled feed too right?

    These seem like a great option to have period for a lighter, medium power, carbine. I have 762x39 left over too after selling my Polytech, so it would be a very practical choice for sure
    Yep, controlled feed; CZ uses the Mauser controlled feed bolt on these, scaling it down proportionately to the cartridge; they term it a "micro Mauser." While the CZ 527 was originally chambered in 7.62 X 39 and .223/5.56, they've expanded to other chamberings like 6.5 Grendel and 300 Blackout, so there's some additional flexibility; my preference is with the 7.62 X 39, but I'm certainly not opposed to the other chamberings.

    Best, Jon

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonInWA View Post
    This may seem counterintuitive, but I'm impressed with my CZ 527 carbine in 7.62 X 39; decent iron sights, very light and handy, and with a Strike Force Moisin Nagant dual striper clip buttstock pouch (which perfectly holds 2 CZ 527 magazines) you've got a on-rifle capacity of 16 rounds. Essentially a 150-200 yard rifle; similar ballistics to the 30-30.

    Best, Jon
    I don't think it's counter intuitive at all. I think most of us just think of the bulk, surplus, steel-cased 7.62 ammo and think "AK" or "SKS" but the 527 definitely ticks a lot of the boxes.

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