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Thread: Compact and Lightweight, Scout-like, .308 Bolt Gun

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    Compact and Lightweight, Scout-like, .308 Bolt Gun

    Hello y’all!

    I’m looking for a rifle like the title reads.

    I would like:
    - to put a 1-5 or 6x vs a 1-8x or possibly a 2.5-10 scope on it.
    - I would like to use 5-20 round mags, with extra points if it takes AR pattern mags
    - be able to use it as a personal defense weapon in states like CA, on overlanding trips
    - Use it for medium to large game out to 300 yards or so.
    - Be able to shoot reduced IPSC silhouette steel (12x24”) out to 500 yards

    The Ruger an Steyr Scouts are very intriguing but force you to mount a scope far forward, which I don’t want to do. And I would be willing to give up iron sights for a more traditional scope mounting system.

    There is the Mossberg MVP Scout, which has a longer rail that comes all the way back and takes AR10 mags but I’m concerned about quality and action.

    I like what’s going on here with this Tikka (video below), but the 10 round mags are $90 each, and I’d have to get some good gunsmith to cut down the barrel. But if pressed I'd go this type of route at this point.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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    You can cut down the barrel yourself.

    It's a trivial task if you have some basic files and buy the crowning tool from Brownells.
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    I own a couple bolt rifles in 308, one is a 20" and the other a 26", heavy profile barrels, and without muzzle brakes. The 26" has shot 8" diameter circles at 550 yards, and the 20" has shot steel at 550, 844, and 1000 yards using handloads with a mildly loaded 155 Berger Hybrid. Targets varied between 8 and 16" square.

    Inside of 600, a reduced torso target would not be difficult, as long as you can read the wind. 1MPH of full value wind at 600 yards will push a 175 Sierra Matchking 3 inches. 5MPH is around 15 inches which makes things more interesting. 147 grain ball is similar but may not be as inherently accurate. For reference, 6.5 Creedmoor is around 10" with the same parameters which is why it is gaining in popularity so fast. Sales of 308 rifles are way down because of this.

    If you own an AR or a 223 bolt gun, a 77 SMK has similar ballistics so you can practice the wind reads with one of them.

    I would prefer a 2.5-10x scope for this application. This morning I was shooting a full size silhouette at 545 yards and snapped a pic. It should give you an idea of the sight picture, looking through a 2.5-10x Leupold
    Name:  rps20190915_162240.jpg
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    As for magazines, I prefer anything that takes the AICS pattern magazines. There are several manufacturers that make bottom metal which accept this magazine, and Magpul makes reasonably priced magazines for it. Currently the only production rifles that I know of that accept this magazine are from Remington, Bergera, and Accuracy International, but some rifles can be retrofitted to accept the magazines, and most of the aftermarket stocks with magazine style button metal will accept them.
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    Ruger makes the American that takes AICS mags. The polymer AICS mags by MDT and Magpul are 30 some bucks.

    W/ Magpul stock:

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    Beat me to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DacoRoman View Post
    Hello y’all!
    The Ruger an Steyr Scouts are very intriguing but force you to mount a scope far forward, which I don’t want to do. And I would be willing to give up iron sights for a more traditional scope mounting system.
    (More clippage)
    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
    Either the Steyr or Ruger GSR will allow you to mount a traditional scope. The Ruger requires that you remove the rear aperture sight to use the included Ruger rings but it’s only held on by one screw. The Steyr is considered the ideal but I like my GSR and it shoots sub inch 100 yard groups if I do my part.
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    I'm seriously tempted by the Savage 110 scout, not the 11. Both guns use a standard pattern of holes for mounting scope rails and iron sights so if you prefer you could replace the forward rail and rear sight with a conventional rail and sights from a Hog Hunter model. Or maybe you could convert a Hog Hunter to take the 110 scout mags. I would be surprised if that was a difficult swap.

    There's is an Australian company making 9-round mags for the .308 BLR but I don't know if they can be had in the US. And the mags are expensive AF.

    I would pay absurd amounts of money for a 5.56 lever action that took AR15 mags. Or grab a Remington 7615 Police if they were reliable enough for their intended role.
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    I would research this and the several similar products to see how well they actually work:
    Not another dime.

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