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Thread: LAST DAY For Graith Specialist Belts

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    Great product and customer service. I donít like to see you go but best of luck.

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    Thanks for all the innovative products and best of luck in the future!

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    The Specialist is dead.

    Long live the Specialist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by einherjarvalk View Post
    The Specialist is dead.

    Long live the Specialist.
    So kinda confused... The closed Graith and reopened Mastermind but are selling the same thing? If so that is good

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    New order

    Just ordered a new Specialist Pro from the new Mastermind Tactics shop. I have two of the original Mastermind belts and never liked the larger buckle on the Graith belts. Glad to see the updated belts have the smaller buckle. I also am fortunate to have one of the Mastermind appendix holsters with the white interior, my favorite holster, wear it everyday.

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    Just saw this, I was going to order another this week, finest belt I've used for carry.

    Sorry to. See it go away!

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