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Thread: New pistol light project

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    Lightbulb New pistol light project

    Hello guys,

    I am new here.

    We are tactical headlamps and flashlights manufacturer. Here is our website:

    We are planning to develop a new pistol light open project. Now we would like to collect ideas and comments from you. If you are interested in this project or have any good ideas, please let us know and we appreciate any of your discussion and participation.

    You can reply in this thread, PM or email to us.

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    PF forum members, this is a pretty open and honest post; let's do some cool shit here.

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    Super selfish thoughts: Work with a holster maker on the external body shape to maximize the capabilities of everyone to support the light. Work with many more prior to release to have support for the light when it's out.

    Light user thoughts:
    Switching will make or break a light.
    Flood vs throw, maybe have a choice? If not, work within the actual range of the weapon in the environments it'll be used in.
    Size needs to be reasonable. If you're going rechargeable I suspect you may use your own battery, use the advantages of this to optimize size.
    Weight may not matter as much, keeping things light isn't the first priority.
    Fitment for smaller guns with short rails can be done. Again, see holster maker thoughts above.

    Not to be all super selfish, but NDA's are OK and there are plenty of ways that other light companies not only miss the mark but refuse to adjust.
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    Pistol lights have split into two categories, duty and CCW. I think you'd first need to decide which you're trying to address and then figure out which way you intend to improve on the current offerings from the two industry giants.

    Personally, I think the duty market is pretty well covered at the moment (Surefire X300U is king. Competitors mostly differ by price.). I do think that a duty-type pistol light powered by 18350's would be cool, just to have an alternative to CR123s and especially if one was already using that battery in a hand-held or rifle light.

    I'm starting to like the CCW pistol lights more and more as technology is allowing small light to have useful outputs. I think that would be a cool project to tackle since there's not a clear winner there. Make the dimensions compatible with something like the Tenicor Sagax Lux and you'd have more people willing to be beta testers.

    Things that you have to get right:
    1) Switching, as mentioned earlier. Don't reinvent the wheel. This is one of the biggest drawbacks on the current CCW-sized lights.
    2) Durability. People are going to want to see your light beat down on YouTube and still work.
    3) Output. Balance lumens and candela. I actually like a lot of throw on a pistol light. Consider offering two different models to suit different requirements for spill and throw.

    Do a search on this and a few other forums to see where Inforce has consistently dropped the ball on all three of these things.

    Things that don't really matter, but new companies think matter:
    1) Price. If your product is clearly better than another manufacturer's in a given category, people will pay what it's worth. If it's a so-so product clearly designed around a price point, I'll ignore it.
    2) Name. We really don't care what you call it. If it's a so-so product clearly designed around a price point and it's got a ninja/killer/warrior name, we're just going to laugh at it. I don't care what god of war you named it after if it doesn't work.
    3) Batteries. I think this used to matter, but there's some really cool rechargeable battery tech out there now. I'm even willing to plug a weapon light in to recharge these days. I couldn't say that a year ago.

    To get this thing right, you'll have to not only make a good flashlight, but work well with the "tactical" market in the USA.

    Best of luck.

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    Send me whatever you come up with so I can break it and tell you how to fix it.
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    Here are a few suggestions:

    Make your pistol lights compatible with holsters for existing leading WMLs (e.g. TLR-1, TLR-7, or Surefire models). I almost certainly will not buy your light if I have to buy a new holster.

    Make your switches of the highest quality, with solid mechanics, and mechanical feedback.

    For long-guns, a low-profile, elongated high-lumen tactical light would be nice. I don't like big things hanging off my guns where they catch on barricades.

    If you can make a modular mounting system that switches between picatinny, M-lok, and Keymod that would be awesome. That would eliminate the added size, weight, and complexity of M-lok/Keymod to Pic adaptors.

    And--Welcome to Pistol-Forum!
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    I have been wanting a surefire X400 type white light / laser for years; but I want the laser in between the light and the mount. I want the laser day light visible and as close as possible to the bore whether I mount it a 6:00 on a pistol or 12:00 on a rifle. It must be thin enough that when mounted at 12:00 on a rifle I can still see the iron sights. It must have momentary and on/ off switch. I like the surefire’s ambidextrous switch and I like inforce’s rotating safety lever to prevent accidental light activation. It needs a constant click on button so you can switch it on and still use you off hand to open doors or work a radio. I also want to replace the batteries without removing the light from my rail. Replacing batteries front removing the front bezel works well. Last, lighter is better than heavy, a combination of spot and flood beam; a hi lo switch for light lumen. Simple switch. Is that enough?

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    On the CCW light front I would selfishly want a version -without- a laser, as laser sights are expressly forbidden by my IA.

    I have a power source preference for CR123. I understand that rechargeable can be attractive for shrinking the package, but I don't see a pressing need to make a light smaller (or with less output) than a TLR7.

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    I prefer batteries to rechargeables, unless you can design it to take both, like the Surefire DF

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    16340 batteries instead of CR123A.

    All the lumens, flood beam with hotspot can still reach past 50m.

    Tooless secure QD mounting, like the SureFire X300U-A. No thumb screws

    Lens durable enough to take a direct hit from simunitions.

    Up/down paddle switching like X300/TLR1

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