Assuming equivalent quality, my dollars will support USA workers, even when it means paying substantially more.

I buy something like a WML with the long game in mind, so will not beta test for anyone. I will probably let others use a new product for several years, before deciding whether to buy one for my own use.

This is not the area of the forum where political discussion is OK, so I will simply say I buy products made in the People’s Republic of China as a last resort, and, that I like things I have bought, that were made by ethnic Chinese folks outside of the People’s Republic.

I am not blindly loyal to anyone or anything, but Surefire is my usual illumination tool provider, since the 6P days for hand-held, and the X200 for WMLs. I am not, however, liking the dinky concealment-oriented Surefire WML, so have not bought one, and I realize that Surefire’s CS is not what it once was.

I do not wear railed pistols inside my trousers, so, X200/X300/X300U is OK with me, when I need a WML, but, am open-minded.

I worked big-city, night-shift police patrol from early 1984 to early 2018, so, illumination for defensive/tactical purposes was truly a “business” concern.