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Thread: Beretta 1301 for interstate overlanding/remote 4x4 camping? Or maybe a Lever Action?

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    Quote Originally Posted by willie View Post
    I'm a lever action rifle guy and know a something about them. For this reason I do not recommend one for your purpose. The lever gun has a learning curve pertaining to unloading the chamber when there are rounds in the magazine tube. Further, unloading the mag tube of Marlins, Winchesters, and Rossi rifles requires working the lever to run the rounds through the action to be ejected...
    The rounds need to be cycled through the action, but not chambered with Winchesters. I run the lever to push the shell forward enough that it comes clear of the cartridge guides in the receiver, then back the bolt open and pull the shell out by the rim with my fingertips. It works very easily on top ejects and is still workable on angle ejects.

    One aspect of the Winchester I prefer regarding clearing the chamber and leaving the magazine loaded, if you eject the chambered round, the carrier (lifter) with the next feeding round can be pushed back down with the little finger and the bolt closed. Some are a bit balky, but with a little manipulation of the lever in and out a little they will close OK. Ive also polished the front edge of the lever, this makes it easier. This may sound like a small point, but one Ive found myself using quite a lot. Most of my guns live loaded full time. If I chamber a small game/grouse/snake load, or fire a round, I can reload the chamber with a light load again, or just clear the chamber for storage and transport. I hunt grouse with light loads and leave the magazine loaded with full power load.

    A reminder that guns that dont like to be topped off once loaded can be fixed to load correctly regardless of how many rounds are in the magazine. Some have just accepted them not loading correctly and assumed thats just they way they are. Its not operating correctly if you cant easily load more rounds and theres zero real need to not load one all the way in each time when they work right. Older 94s, like pre-war, or any that are smoothed up from use should be very easy to load the magazine. Polishing the back side of the loading gate will allow them to work right.

    The unloading by people not overly familiar with the lever action is a good reason for a crossbolt or tang safety. Im not generally a fan of them, but they serve a valid purpose in that instance.

    Pretty clean used angle eject 94s seem to hang in the $400 price range on GB if one looks around a bit. Just a bit of general info for people figuring the options. The Leupold bases and rings seem the better option for a low scope mount that doesnt interfere with the hammer or loading and unloading directly to or from the chamber. The scope clears the rear sight and sits in a goo place to see through the scope without hunting around to find the image, at kleast it does for me. Many other base/ring combinations seem to sit too tall for that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigghoss View Post
    The Ruger GSR also does this neat thing, it's a push feed
    I'm pretty sure my Ruger Scout is controlled feed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by That Guy View Post
    I'm pretty sure my Ruger Scout is controlled feed.
    It is. Or, at least, it has the giant Mauser claw extractor. The Ruger American series bolts are push-feed.


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    Quote Originally Posted by That Guy View Post
    I'm pretty sure my Ruger Scout is controlled feed.
    A cursory google search says it is so I must be thinking of a different rifle.
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    You don't have to run cartridges through a Marlin's action to eject them, at least not all of them. A chambered round must be ejected, but after that, with the lever down you can roll the gun sideways and dump the round that is on the elevator into your hand from the port, just like a shotgun. Then you can work the lever and repeat. Like a pump shotgun with the slide back, the lever must be down (bolt back) to pull the cartridge.

    I won't say it's easy, because the port is small and the Marlin by being a solid-top gun just makes it harder to deal with. But it's possible. The Winchester works the same way as Malamute noted. If you can get a finger inside the Marlin ejection port you can push the elevator down like in a Winchester. But it's a pain in the ass, because of the size of the port.
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