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Thread: Just took the plunge for Brownells Edge

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    Just took the plunge for Brownells Edge

    So just like a roll of duct tape costs $100 at Lowes I just spend $81 on sling swivels. What I need (two 10-32, one wood screw thread, the little spacer washers) is $8 on Amazon, but I figure the extra ~30 pieces I get buying 12 packs from Brownells might come in handy someday. But I was contemplating upgrading the shipping (still waiting on my last order of Standard Shipping) because I am getting a rifle ready for trip (had four years when we didn't get drawn to get it ready, it is not ready...) but damn, the 2-3 day shipping is another $9, but wait, there is another shipping option to join their Edge membership for $49. But since this is only another $40 (or I could go back to Amazon, where I have already paid for "free" two day shipping...) I figure WTH and do it.

    I am posting here in GD cause this kinda touches a lot of topics, including the recent Walmart ammo discussion, and best I can see it covers ammo. Might be nice if you need to snag another box of carry ammo, and some of their practice ammo (I reload that, shit, wait, why did I pay the $49?!?!) is not way out of line on pricing. They are usually higher on stuff like primers, but sometimes they do free HazMat, maybe that can be combined? It does say "some" restriction apply.

    I would have said that in general I do not like to pay money to buy things, but that was before I got used to Prime. And Brownells is also a P-F affiliated vendor, and they have stuff like bullets and other components that Amazon is never gonna have. And I would rather buy from Pete than Jeff, though I would hope that Amazon continues to do enough gun related business for it to be a viable category for them. But I have been challenged in the past when I have the same thing in both carts, and it is comparably priced, but to give my business to Brownells I will have to pay for shipping and wait longer. And I am probably at a phase of life where I will be buying more gun stuff, so I went in for the cost of a bar tab.

    One initial negative that I would dare say is somewhat chickenshit, is after you pay your $49 the default shipping method is free Standard Shipping instead of the free 2 Day shipping ya paid your $49 for. And if the browser refreshes (like you didn't submit a required field) it REVERTS to Standard Shipping. Might be the behavior of my browser, just something to watch. If I had come home from work travel and the shit wasn't here I woulda reacted poorly.

    Anyway, I see this in some other thread and thought I might post this for discussion. I searched and didn't see much mention of this, if this drain has already been circled please merge em.

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    I have the Edge membership, not sure I use it enough to justify it.

    It does seem to make Brownells get off their ass and actually ship the product sooner. No 2-3 day wait for that.
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    Iíve been an Edge member for years, itís great. Iíve only recently stopped using it so much because of other places that have heaped prices even after paying shipping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg View Post
    I have the Edge membership, not sure I use it enough to justify it.
    I will have to be diligent to make sure I buy enough gun stuff to make it worth it...

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    Brownell's gives dealer discount to holders of a Curio and Relic license. Edge membership would prompt me to buy more than I need in order to justify the cost. I say try the Edge, because you can drop it later.

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    Just used EDGE for the first time

    Needed little fiber optic rods, no problem, free shipping!
    Backordered three 9mm AR mags, woulda got free shipping anyway, maybe this isn't working out the way I planned...

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    In a similar vein, has anybody bought a membership for TargetSportsUSA? If so, how worthwhile are the discounts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssb View Post
    In a similar vein, has anybody bought a membership for TargetSportsUSA? If so, how worthwhile are the discounts?
    You save a penny or two over the standard prices.

    But if you tend to order a few boxes at a time, the free shipping might make it worth it.
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