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Thread: Custom Practical Revolvers

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    I forgot to add the best part. I already own the above list except for the 340. I didnít say I was done. I meant Iím starting with this list first The best part of hunting for used smith & wessons is that they often have been smoothed out the old fashioned way. By using them. I prefer stainless revolvers because I hate buying a cherry blues gun and then using it and adding holster wear. Now a blued revolver with honest wear is another story. I look for worn, not worn out. But Iím starting to rethink that because the last few blued smiths I bought have had super smooth trigger pulls.
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    What about a gun thatís mostly right from the factory? The 3Ē Wiley Clapp GP100ís are pretty darn close.
    I really like these. Most days now I am carrying a WC GP100, LCR and a model 60 at work. The majority of my time is spent in the office. I have bought a few 3Ē model 65s with the intent of having them worked over some. The first thing I must have is better sights. The way the K frame fixed sights are configured leave them practically invisible to me. By the time I had the sights redone then the other things I would be in very deep. I decided the WC GP100 really has almost everything I want. My only wants with this gun is to chamfer the cylinders a little and lighten the trigger pull a little. Neither one of these are must haves though, but cheap enough to get done if I want.

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