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Thread: Kings firearms got some new trade ins in

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    Kings firearms got some new trade ins in

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    That SIG P229 DAO in .40 is very tempting at $330 since I just got a .357 barrel, two more mags, and a bunch of .357 SIG ammo at an estate liquidation.

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    I don't know how long they've been sitting on them, but I've been watching the P229R DAK trade ins in .357 Sig for awhile now. Finally bit the bullet and ordered one. Picked it up this evening. Damn thing appears to be almost unissued and nearly unfired. The barrel has been fired but not much. The frame and slide appear to be unfired in every respect, they have not a single blemish on them anywhere and no wear marks that I can find even with a magnifying glass. They are perfect in every way. It's like it was issued and put into a holster and never taken out. It does have some carry marking on the grips and the base plate on the mag. That's it. No corrosion either.

    Came out of a Richmond VA junior college PD. Dates to 2011 and the night sites still glow. I can't recall seeing a police trade in this clean.

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    They we waiting for Jack Wilson to do his thing before releasing these.

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    Cool Finally got a 642-2 ordered today.

    I have trouble @ Kings online applications, but Nichole helped me out.
    PLEASE>>>>>>no more Kings threads!!! lmao


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    That 642-2 is very tempting at that price...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe45 View Post
    That 642-2 is very tempting at that price...

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    Do those have the dreaded lock?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thy.Will.Be.Done View Post
    Do those have the dreaded lock?
    They do in the photos on the website.

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    I received a very good to excellent condition 642 yesterday.
    I like Kings !!
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