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Thread: 1911 grip safety wedging

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    1911 grip safety wedging

    Anyone have any experience with Shok-Buff wedging the grip safety on a 1911 to deactivate it?
    I did it to my Colt and so far after several hundred rounds it's still working, just curious if anyone's done it long term.
    I'm not wanting to internally grind off the safety, just looking for a "permanent" deactivation that can be easily reversed.
    I suppose I could buy a SVI/Infinity solid beavertail, but that's $90 I don't really want to spend on this particular pistol.

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    I was shown the method with a pin in a small hole in the MSH and a corresponding hole in the grip safety. Works well and is totally reversible.

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    No experience, but that looks like a good idea to me. Maybe a dap of RTV under it to make it easier to keep in position. Once together I would think there is no place to go.

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