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    Just ordered, thank you for the forum discount, and thank you for solving this problem.
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    One ordered.

    I've got two pairs of Pro-Ears ProMag Gold (NRR33 claimed), recently re-furbed. Figured this would be an interesting way to test these things out, so one on order.
    Most appreciative of the discount, on sale and shipping paid, too? Who could pass that up?

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    Order placed, to fit the Howard Leight (passive muffs) Leightning L3 model.
    Thanks for the discount!
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    Just back from the range. Great addition to decent ears. Comfort is unmatched in my limited experience. Hearing protection was pretty much the same but i didn't walk away with a headache! Good stuff and I'll be recommending them to fellow shooters going forward
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    Quote Originally Posted by Noisefighters View Post
    Hey, everyone, thanks for the all the love (and laughs). It means a lot. PF members are awesome.

    I've received a ton more orders than I normally get since starting this promotion, so I'm doing my best to get all the packages out on a timely schedule. I know some people who ordered last night and earlier today will have their ear pads shipped tomorrow instead of today...I'm sorry for not being able to keep up.

    Thanks again for spreading the word.
    Dude, I ordered on vacation and on a holiday weekend while opting for First Class Mail and your stuff was in my mailbox Thursday. You don't need to apologize for "not keeping up."

    Thank you for your generosity.

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    @Noisefighters thanks a ton for the forum promo. Got mine today; will hop up the HL impacts tomorrow, and hope to get to the range soon.

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    Finally had a chance to try these out today. I can't believe the difference! Highly recommend. I will be ordering more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJ View Post
    Ordered. Thank you for the discount!!
    Where are my manners.

    I received my set for my Sordins a while ago. Installation was easy and fit / comfort outstanding. Iíve tried them at both the square range and a local USPSA match. Very very happy with them. Thanks again @Noisefighters.
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