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Thread: Noisefighters | New Forum Sponsor | Coupon Code Available for PF Members

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    Noisefighters | New Forum Sponsor | Coupon Code Available for PF Members

    Howdy PF,

    Long-time lurker, first-time poster. Happy to support the forum and all shooters looking to improve their pistol skills.

    My company, Noisefighters, makes aftermarket gel-filled ear pads to fit basically every headset on the market. They also are the first to have a relief cut for glasses arms to pass through without interfering with the noise seal nor being crushed against the head.

    I ran a successful Kickstarter back in late 2017 but everything really blew up afterwards, with dealers now across the US and at least 10 other countries. There are a lot of high-speed military units and federal and state LE departments that are using my products. Also, I know u/LittleLebowski, u/voodoo_man and many others from PF have been using my products for awhile now and have told me they like them (here's the first look at VDMSR), and that's a great honor. Hat tip to voodoo_man for recommending I start sponsoring PF. If you're still on the fence, I've added some reviews to the website.

    If you're interested in trying out my ear pads, please visit and use coupon code PISTOLFORUM for 15% off. There's also free shipping for all US orders of ear pads and we ship 6 days a week, and everything is in stock. This code expires in one week. Please pass along the word to fellow PF members that might be interested. EXPIRED. THANKS EVERYONE.

    If you're mil / LE and want a pair for T&E in order to outfit your unit, hit me up at through an official department e-mail address. It's a 30 day no-cost eval. If I don't hear by you by day 30, I'll send an e-mail requesting your findings. If your unit wants to buy any pads, bulk pricing is 25% off retail. Note: we also have a 10% LE / MIL discount for individuals, so feel free to contact me about that discount if you don't need a bulk purchase and our PF-specific coupon has expired.

    Everything's sourced and made right in the US; the ear pad factory is in Canton, Ohio, while our headquarters is near Grand Rapids, Michigan. I'm a USMC combat vet (OIF and OEF) and am 100% owner.

    There's a money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty. I don't want anybody unhappy with my products, especially not those people who rely on ear pro all day long, so I stand behind my products.

    Shoot straight and Semper Fi,
    Neal Brace
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    Delivering the first gel-filled ear pads with relief cuts for glasses to pass through.
    No more headaches. Less noise.
    USMC combat veteran designed and made entirely in the USA.
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    Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan

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    Good to see you here, bro.

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    Good stuff. Iíll be back...

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    Noisefighters | New Forum Sponsor | Coupon Code Available for PF Members

    Awesome, I have two sets that have been great and having been meaning to pick up a third for my spares ear pro.

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    Just ordered a set. Thanks for the discount!

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    I've been thinking about these anyway, glad you showed up. Good to do business with a fellow OIF/OEF vet!

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    I can say without hesitation that Noisefighter gel upgrades are an absolute must have for any electronic ear pro. I'm on my second set of them for safariland liberator HP's, and the set on my sordin's are still going strong. Highly recommended. If you are on the fence, don't miss out on a good deal!!
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    I've been running these on my HL Impact Sports for a long time and they really take them up a notch. Awesome to have a code for a discount!
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    I'm running out of excuses not to upgrade.

    Thanks for doing it right.
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    Coupon code. Free shipping. Thanks. I'm looking forward to receiving them.

    Thanks for supporting PF, too.

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