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Thread: RFI on preferred companies for slide milling.

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    Was just down at Mark Housel's place (L&M Precision), and thought about this thread. Mark had spaced out on a work table a long line of slides and red dots, going through his process. But what made me really appreciate the machine work knowledge that was necessary for this business was the variety of adapter plates he was machining. There were not only those necessary for certain initial installations (e.g., a plate with an integral rear sight), but also those where a customer asked for a slide to be adapted so a Brand X red dot could be replaced with a Brand Y red dot. And more . . .

    I'm sure there are quite a few talented people available to do this work. Still, it's nice to see first hand the variety of quality work that can be done. And Mark is a really nice guy too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bravo7 View Post
    Iíve paid for some of the big names thrown out over the years and they are good, but Iíve also realized they are priced pretty high in this day and age for what is required. Iíve paid a fraction of the cost and have been very pleased with the quality of work and quick turn around with Zeroed In Armory.

    Thanks for the tip on Zeroed in Armory.

    A short thread drift, or if you prefer you can pm me, but what holsters are you using to carry those Roland Special type builds?

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