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Thread: New G17M Being Sold By Lipseys.

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    They issue stock 19Mís and 43ís with Glock night sights. The only thing we can change is the sights.

    They also just started allowing personally owned full-size 9mm Glocks on duty (including the 19X and the G45), and I think we can get away with a few more modís on those.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TC215 View Post
    That is the 19M barrel...
    Your pic has the same markings as my other Gen 5's...Glock must have at some point went with the "M" markings. All ours have the "M" stamped on the top of barrel. If I knew how to post a pic I would or PM me your number and I can send you a pic of mine. But I was told that all barrels have the "M" markings on them. But we all know Glock can change productions on the fly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MDFA View Post
    I think I'll keep my Gen 5 MOS 19... I don't really see any great advantage to this version. YMMV
    You're right, the Gen5 19MOS has all the upgrades. The "M" is actually outdated compared to the MOS.

    That being said if you want a good wear resistant coating go with Robar. I have Robar NP3+ on many guns and it's the best coating on the market IMHO.

    The breech face cut, 47021 ejector, TMH, alleviated the front cut out. The MOS is the way to go. My 17 MOS with Dawson Precision is best Glock I own and I believe the MOS series is the best Glocks made to date.

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    Hereís a 19M on Gunbroker that is at over $3000 after like 40 bids.

    However, after looking at the pics, the serial numbers on the slide and frame do not match, and the box is for a 17M. Sounds legit.

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    The Lipsey's 17Ms began shipping late last week. I should have mine in next week.

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