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Thread: Beginning reloading

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    When I started reloading in volume - USPSA shooting in 1986 plus some steel challenge, etc. - I had three Lee 1000 presses, one in 45, one in 9mm, and one in 38 Special. I loaded a lot of rounds through them but I literally wore them out to the point the Lee presses were disposable. I salvaged the Lee powder disc systems and all the Lee dies and those continue serving on my Dillon 550s. The Lee 1000s worked but were finicky and not a long term solution.
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    Quote Originally Posted by willie View Post
    For the man or woman who wants a progressive, there are few reasons not to buy a Dillon 550. The fact that that it does not automatically index with each pull of the handle is a saving grace for those of us who are slow witted or mechanically inept or feeble minded.
    Very true. It's really easy to unfuck a 550 when you have a problem.
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