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Thread: Glock 43 Failure to Feed

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    Did you change the recoil spring?
    I considered it but since I had already placed the order for the magazines getting a new one would be cost + shipping. I get a huge discount with an overnight carrier so I thought I'd send it to Glock and let them tinker with it for about the same out of pocket cost. Besides, I'm good with tools but smithing is not something I'm comfortable with (I know the RSA is just a drop in thing) so every now and then I like an expert to take a look and see what's what. If that doesn't work then I'll get one the next time I order something.

    Where do you folks like to go to get parts? Midway?

    PS - I'm not so much into this sport that I have all the suppliers figured out - though this forum (or "hive minds" as I like to call whatever forum I'm on) is a big help!
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    I use Brownells with the Edge program. They ship small parts for free without a minimum. The cost is $49 a year and it pays for itself quickly.

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    Yeah Brownells is great. Also the Glock store itself, go to Glocks website, look to "buy", it'll link you there.

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    This was my G43. I sent it to Glock. They replaced the mag release I believe and it did improve. It is still not reliable with plus 1 mags with extra power springs. It seems to like my handholds the best form my 650.

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