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Thread: Current state of 7.62 Silencers (Cans, suppressors, whatever)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clark Jackson View Post
    I thought I was clear in my previous posts.

    I don't own a YHM can.

    Are you only looking for opinions of people who own a YHM can, 7.62 or otherwise?
    You werenít clear actually, at all. Hence my post.

    You just drone on and on and on about nothing, shitting in the thread, trolling everyone to respond to you.

    Itíd be great if a mod could just come delete all this bullshit from your first post and everyone (including me) that responded to you, since we have now finally uncovered the fact that you have zero relevant commentary.

    In case a mod is thinking of helping us out on this, thereís even a thread for it so that precious can continue to air his unvaluable opinions without mucking it up for the rest of us

    Until that time Iíll have to just settle for the ignore button.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Cid View Post
    Iím obviously not Rob, but he seems to be looking for input on 7.62 cans. Here at P-F most of us donít trash a company or product weíve never used. We prefer informed opinions to rumors.
    I've never "trashed" a company or product I didn't have first hand knowledge of. I don't have brand loyalty just for brand loyalty's sake.

    I provided an informed opinion. It was rejected. I promise I will not provide any more in this post, or probably many others.

    I've learned my lesson. Here at P-F, most prefer if you do not provide an opinion (in threads asking for opinions), unless those opinions match their opinions.
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    I just swapped out the ASR flash hider and mount on my Omega to a Q Cherry Bomb and Plan B. It's definitely a superior system to the ASR. Simple direct thread now, with no locks and teeth to strip. I didn't shoot it a bunch, just enough to adjust for the zero shift, because it was hotter than hell today. I didn't really bear down on it when I tightened it, but it never backed off, and was easy to get off when done. The ASR was a PITA to get off almost every time.

    I opted for the Q parts mostly for simplification (direct thread), weight savings (almost 3 ounces lighter at the muzzle, where it counts most), and it took about 5/8" off the OAL of the can/rifle combo (best I can tell). The weight difference was noticeable. Overall, I'm both impressed and very happy with the Q bits.

    Thanks to @Hansohn Brothers for the Cherry Bomb. Would have grabbed both from them, but they were out of stock on the Omega Plan B when I looked. I'll likely pick up a 5/8x24 Cherry Bomb for my Tikka T3x CTR just to simplify things (instead of swapping to the SiCo direct thread mount), as well as a Omega 7.62 end cap. Will likely wait to see what's what on Black Friday.

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