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Thread: Pantaloni Eleganti

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    Pantaloni Eleganti

    I need to find pants that look professional enough for office work but will hold up to daily wear and tear. I work in IT management and do a lot of face to face training, presentations, and meetings. I also do a lot of installs of various equipment, mark fiber lines for dig permits, etc. I never know from day to day what environment Iíll be working in.

    Standard suit pants donít last. Tactical cargo pants look sloppy. Iím looking for some combination of a hard use tactical pant that looks professional enough to wear in an office environment. Something that is cut to fit with out being a nut hugger slim fit. Looks good with a polo shirt or button down.

    Also needs to be fairly easy to take care of. In other words no ironing if I can help it. I want to wash them, hang them to dry, and be done.
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    Land's End probably has a similar product

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    I donít wear these working, but I think they would hold up to casual work- marking trenches etc. The strong dungarees are thick like jeans. The futureworks are lighter. They look good. Hang dry. They are expensive.
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    Bluffworks is worth a look.

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    Duluth Trading Middle Management chinos. If you pull them right from the dryer and flatten them out they are pretty wrinkle free.

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    I've had good luck with these guys, myself:

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    I have a Kuhl button shirt that is awesome. I need to look at more of their stuff.
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    My favorite jeans are made by Mountain Khaki. Triple stitch/bar tack/crotch gusset/reinforced blah blah blah. They fit really well and I'd assume their khaki's are solid too since it's part of their name and all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sidheshooter View Post
    I've had good luck with these guys, myself:
    Same. I'm a big fan of the Slax.

    ETA: I'm going to have to take a look at the resistor Chinos now too, dammit.
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