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Thread: AAR: Rangemaster Combative Pistol North GA 4/24-25/2020

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    AAR: Rangemaster Combative Pistol North GA 4/24-25/2020

    This might be a little unusual to start an AAR thread for a class in 2020, but bear with me. I am going to try to use this both to prepare for and also enter my thoughts on this class before and after.

    I took Tom's Combative Pistol Course for the first time in 2017 in Everett WA. My AAR from that experience is here:

    Looking back on this, being relatively new to guns, it was an eye-opening experience. I had some equipment issues, mainly centering on my performance using the trigger of the P30SK LEM, and the relatively short grip / magazines interfering with efficient reloads. There were a lot of butterflies, and several "oh Lord, don't let me foul up" moments lol.

    But It was my first "real" defensive pistol course, and to say I learned a ton is an understatement. I'm in the Instructional Systems Design business, and I hugely enjoyed training with Tom. And he is paying attention. One thing that has stuck in my mind is Tom leaning in to my ear and saying "Rich, you really ought to use those bumpy things on the top of the slide. Might help." D'oh! The measured, precise coverage of each topic, underpinned by key learning objectives, and supported by years of real-world experience, results in excellent knowledge transfer and high retention.

    As far as logistics goes, this class is a long day's drive for me, here in Tampa. I'm familiar with North Georgia, having toured in the area when I worked in Marietta 2011/2012. Since the class is a Fri/Sat schedule, I'll be taking off work Thu for the drive up, and return Sun. I'll be looking for a hotel in the area.

    Tom has the equipment list in the course description, pretty much most of which I have, of course. A key change for me will be that I'll be taking it with a pistol I don't own yet, oddly enough. (This is part of why I'm interested in doing this Pre- and Post-Course.) I plan to acquire a Glock 43X for EDC, which is what I will use in the class. Holster will be a RCS Perun, worn AOWB. I've previously used a Mitch Rosen Upper Limit AOWB as well as a Perun for EDC, and that location works well for my particular body type. The G43X will join my G19.5 I use for USPSA and my .38 Ruger LCR BUG. Otherwise nothing special; I'll take the course equipped / clothed pretty much as I do when I go about my daily routine, save maybe adding a Maglula and some pouches on me for quicker reloads so as not to slow the line down.

    I will post back here from time to time, then put in the AAR after the course is complete. Not sure anyone else on p-f is either in the North Ga area, or plans to take the course, but it would be great to say hi, either here or via PM.

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    I just may pop in to check on your progress.
    I had an ER nurse in a class. I noticed she kept taking all head shots. Her response when asked why, "'I've seen too many people who have been shot in the chest putting up a fight in the ER." Point taken.

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    Fighting Smarter

    Tom's book "Fighting Smarter: A practical guide for surviving violent confrontations" (2nd edition from 2015) is REALLY good and available on Kindle. (which I don't have yet -- I like real books)

    The print version is out-of-print -- I wish they'd run off another batch and I'd buy another copy.

    I did have my original copy of "Survival Shooting: An illustrated guide to the defensive use of the sidearm and shotgun" (from 1980) close to hand, and I had Tom autograph it when I took the Intensive Pistol Skills class from him this last July.

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    A new revised and updated edition of Fighting Smarter is due out before Christmas. It's at the publisher now. Stay tuned.

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    Hmm... interesting. I'd like to take this class again and that looks like just such an opportunity.

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