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Thread: Deaths in the ring...

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    Deaths in the ring...

    Mods, feel free to kill this or move this if you think it shouldn't be here at all or in RR.

    I just thought these 2 videos were interesting takes on the combat sports.

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    When you look at the number of sparring rounds in training and the number of rounds fought in actual contests, boxers take a lot of shots to the head throughout their career. While ring related deaths happen in all divisions, it seems to happen much more within the lower weight divisions. I believe punch stats and punch power provide an explanation.

    With few exceptions the number of punches thrown is relative to a fighters size. Stats tell us smaller fighters throw more punches than bigger fighters. Stats also tell us smaller fighters land a higher percentage of punches. It seems reasonable a division that throws more punches and lands more punches will experience more brain injuries and deaths.

    Punching power or the lack of power plays a significant role as well. Regardless of division, thereís a small percentage of fighters blessed with true knock out power. Most fighters rely on the lucky punch or a cumulative effect of punches that resembles bludgeoning their opponent. Getting knocked out is never great for the health of a fighter but thereís a big difference between getting caught with one good shot and taking repeated shots for 10 or 12 rounds.

    By the time a championship level fighter gets to fight night, theyíve had 8+ weeks of camp which includes 30 rounds of sparring per week minimum. Some old school trainers will have their fighter sparring 50+ rounds a week.

    Iím surprised we donít see more boxing deaths.

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