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Thread: Custom Leather Sheaths: Recommendations?

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    Custom Leather Sheaths: Recommendations?

    I'm looking for recommendations for custom leather sheaths. I recently obtained a great FB knife sans the sheath.

    Just to help focus the discussion, I'm not interested in a kydex sheath for this particular knife.

    Recommendations and warnings are welcome.

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    Paul Long---108 Briarwood Ln. W---Kerrville, TX---78028-9311---Phone: 830 367 5536.

    ETA: Since I was in a bit of a rush before and will be offline most of the afternoon I'll just add that Paul's work is top of the line. You can get as basic or exotic as you want but the workmanship and materials will always be as good as it gets.

    I recommend Paul's work unreservedly as do many other knife makers, owners, and collectors. There are others who are excellent but you could stop your search right here.

    Some images via google
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    I like for my sheath needs. I also suggest Hedgehog Leatherworks but they will only produce sheaths for certain knives I believe.

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    Dwayne at ArmoralLeather has made excellent Moodex sheaths for me.

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