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Thread: Lee Weems: Applied Pistolcraft, 5/16-17-20, Krum TX

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    Lee Weems: Applied Pistolcraft, 5/16-17-20, Krum TX

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    Lee Weems
    combines two decades of experience and training as a peace officer with education from many of the most renowned names in the personal safety training industry into this learning experience. The class begins with his “Standing Your Ground” presentation on the dynamics of deadly force encounters and then moves to the range for a shooting experience that actively incorporates the four lifestyle rules for possessing a firearm including shoot/no-shoot decision making, changing your angle to get a safer shot, divided attention drills, and priority of fire considerations.

    The class will conclude with the FBI Pistol Qualification Course. Students will receive a letter of documentation.
    The Civilian Defender and the After Action Project have featured reviews of Lee’s training, and he is a frequent guest co-host on Civilian Carry Radio where he has also been interviewed as a special guest.

    Students will need to bring the following:

    • All personal safety equipment (eye/ear protection, brimmed hat, etc)
    • A quality firearm with a minimum 6-shot capacity
    • Minimum of three magazines of 10-round capacity or more; a minimum of five magazines if less than 10-round capacity. Revolver shooters will need at least five loaders.
    • A holster that will not collapse when the pistol is drawn and that does not have a retention device that requires the use of the trigger finger to actuate (such as the Serpa). AIWB is good to go, but no crossdraw or shoulder rigs.
    • Concealment garment
    • Personal comfort items (drinks, food, chairs, etc)
    • 800 rounds of ammunition

    Skill Level: In order to attend this class, the student should be capable of following directions, accepting coaching, and have safe gun-handling skills. There will be some movement with drawn pistols and shots at 25 yards. There will be strict time and accuracy standards.
    Weather Policy: If the weather is such that it jeopardizes the students' safety, the class will be postponed or delayed as appropriate. Otherwise, the class will go forth as scheduled rain or shine.
    Cancellation Policy: The deposit is non-refundable if you choose not to attend the class. If the range were to cancel, full refunds will be made.
    I reserve the right to cancel the class and grant full refunds if fewer than eight students sign up for the class.

    Arrangements to pay the deposit or full class fee via cash, check, or money order may be made by contacting the instructor at Payment may also be made via the following:
    I had an ER nurse in a class. I noticed she kept taking all head shots. Her response when asked why, "'I've seen too many people who have been shot in the chest putting up a fight in the ER." Point taken.

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    Woot! I'm in.

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