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Thread: Brooklynites dump buckets of water on NYPD officers

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    Brooklynites dump buckets of water on NYPD officers

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    de Blasio was probably filling them and handing them out to the perps.

    @TGS brought this to my attention via a PM and a link last night. I believe the term he used was "Law Encouragement" Officers.



    In a different arena but still of concern regarding the erosion of the authority of law enforcement.
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    I think I've seen this movie before. Next come bricks and molotovs.
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    In late July in Central Texas, that might be welcomed.
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    I’m often reminded how happy I am not to live in NYC anymore. My NYPD contacts are tired of the environment DeBlasio has fostered.
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    Soon it will be acid or gasoline

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    If we ban buckets then only criminals will have buckets!

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    I was stunned to see that video. I cannot even imagine that happening in the town or the county where I live.

    The ass-beating that would ensue would be spoken of in hushed tones a decade from now, were such an incident to occur. And I don't think it would be the po-po administering it, either. The general populace would come out swinging.

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    ^^^This right here! Pretty much how it would play where I live. My question though, concerning the Officer who has "sum dood" up on the hood and gets the "water (it better be just water" treatment"), how is that not arrestable, RFN? Interfering with a Law Enforcement Officer, or however you phrase it in your locale.

    I'm just not convinced that letting this ride is going to solve this issue, I'm afraid it will only continue to embolden this kind of behaviour.
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    Desire to star in You Tube prompts much of this behavior. Last year I was working in a shop in the town's worst crime area. When time came to leave for the day, I noticed that 7 minority youths had positioned themselves in my truck bed.They may have thought I would call the police when they refused to leave. Instead of confronting them, I called a minority friend who had been a trusty at the jail when I worked there. He arrived and literally threw them out and chased them off. I left, and the problem never again occurred. Many here know about posturing behavior. Now some idiots posture on You Tube. The process reminds me of the practice seen when a person tries to be a tough guy and talks shit on an internet forum.

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