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Thread: What Bulk Bullet For 300BO?

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    Looking forward to hearing the results!

    Quote Originally Posted by mmc45414 View Post
    As Nate suggested I snagged Qty500 of the Speer TNT 125g.
    Have Qty100 loaded, tomorrow is the test fire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nate89 View Post
    Looking forward to hearing the results!
    Tomorrow will not be anything scientific, more function fire on plates at 25-30yds before I load the rest of them.

    Currently just have the Ruger American and the PSA AR pistol, both with Sig Romeo red dots, so nothing to shoot any groups.

    Next step will be another upper that probably gets a LPV of some flavor, then might test accuracy.

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    Shot up Qty40 rounds yesterday through my Ruger American and PSA 7.5" pistol. 18.0g of some old 286 I had (18.5 listed max). Didn't shoot for groups or anything, but I am growing fonder of the 300BO. The Ruger is just a pussycat to shoot and the AR pistol is tolerable. Mainly as a toy I also bought the same upper in 5.56 (and plan to never take them to the range on the same day...) and with ear muffs on top of ear plugs it is just plain stupid nasty. OTOH, 7.5" would be a LONG barrel on a 357, and 18g wouldn't be a max load. Next step will be a carbine upper in 300BO, probably with a LPV on it.

    Almost finished loading the rest of the TNTs tonight. I woulda finished, but the rest if the casings got wet tumbled just yesterday. They are (obviously) not primed (since I just formed and trimmed them) so I am sure they are dry, but I wasn't in the mood to load another primer tube anyway.

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