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Thread: The great PF cordless tool debate

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    I use primarily corded. I resisted cordless because I felt since Iím not a contractor and donít use power tools on a consistent basis I would have battery issues from infrequent use. I have one Dewalt cordless drill I acquired with points given at work. It gets occasional use and I could get by without it. Every time I use it except for a quickie job Iím plugging in the charger and charging the 2nd battery. It almost seems like more trouble than a corded drill and an extension cord.

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    Iím a contractor. We use Dewalt. From what I understand Milwaukee is on par, but I just keep buying Dewalt for compatibility between all my crews and vehicles.

    You get what you pay for with power tools. Thereís no secret bargains.

    But if you just want a drill for fart-around-the-house projects, youíll be fine with a Ryobi or Craftsman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnO View Post
    . . . battery issues from infrequent use.
    I had the same concerns, which is why my switch to cordless was out off for so long. With the old Ni-Cad batteries battery issues were a big problem. With Li-Ion batteries this is not a problem. While they won't last forever, most of us will get many years out of Li-Ion batteries, whether it's infrequent use or daily use.
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    Years ago, I just standardized with Dewalt everything cord and cordless when I got a real job. I am still mostly 18v but got a newer set of 12v drill/driver that is my go to for most things. I just got a 60v tracksaw which is awesome.

    I just got some air die grinders and went with Dewalt. Maybe it is a way to just lower my decisions I need to make.

    Dewalt is probably more then I need not being a contractor. Milwaukee is probably the best stuff out there now but really a lot has to do keeping not having 35 different types of batteries.

    The last 5 years things are really improved.

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    I have a ton of Makita stuff (cordless and corded). I don't think I have an articulable reason why I chose that brand, but I've been completely satisfied.

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    Im a total makita snob, mostly because my bro in law uses them and hes a contractor.

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    Iíve been using Dewalt and Iíve been happy with them.
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    Milwaukee M12

    For inside, I want for nothing with my m12 tools. The M18 tools I have get used a LOT less. The cordless sawzall doesn't have the battery life to be super useful, so the extension cord gets pulled out for those duties. The drill, same. It's just not needed as the gap between the m12 and a cord is very small. For the impact driver, the gap widens. But the answer for more there is an air tool, I think. But, I don't drive that many lag bolts which is where the extra oomph has mattered.

    Perhaps the best part of the m12 experience is the speed at which the batteries recharge. I haven't seen comparisons between brands, but I don't need to. I have a couple of batteries and 3 chargers, 2 of which I've never used.
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    I really want M12

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    M12 & M18, I switched from DeWalt when the cost of a new tool + better battery + charger was more than a replacement DeWalt battery.

    At the last IPSC match dude was using an M12 stapler to set up a stage - actually slower than a conventional stapler but made a cool zzzzt sound with each press. I saw one of these at the local Home Depot, CDN$140 which seemed a bit pricey.

    It is an ongoing see-saw between the various brands as to which has the broadest range of tools, more a question of timing than anything else and I would not be too surprised to find that many of the parts come from the same places in Asia.

    I think Makita (and maybe one of the others) even has a lawnmower.

    Milwaukee has a chain saw, table saw, weed trimmer, several blowers and vacuums, many different lights, ...

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