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Thread: Two years with G43; six months with a G48...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CTX44 View Post
    The bullet shape is out of play once the round is chambered but the speed the bullet made the slide move isn't out of play. The issue, from what I can, tell, is less bullet shape or length so much as the slide velocity, or at least that's what I think. Slow feeding the slide by hand shows tiny advantage to shorter bullet profile--this is how I ended up trying the 115's, which I didn't keep on hand otherwise. I do think it's a slide velocity issue, but it could also be a slide velocity issue combined with a slightly shorter bullet.

    With your high HST round count, was that a mix of strong and weak hand or was that mostly normal shooting with w two handed grip? It's strange if our experiences with this are very opposite as my experience with the G48 very closely mirrored the G43.
    The slide speed being slow returning to battery is probably more from the bullet hitting the ramp than a weak recoil spring. It's the mag springs.

    I shoot a lot of SHO/WHO, probably 50% of my shooting.

    I have a few mags that have been loaded with 147 HST for over a year. I'll try to get 'em out this week and see how they run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wonder9 View Post
    Plus there was some unofficial statement from Glock that they would release an extended G43 magazine when they could make it reliable as the 6 rounder*.
    *citation needed
    That was the answer I heard from Glock reps at an armorer re-cert a few years ago: "When we can get it to work." They admitted to testing every aftermarket extension at Smyna, in case someone else had cracked the code, but no luck.

    I've done plenty of testing myself, and I'm absolutely done traveling that time-consuming (and expensive) trail of tears. A reliable 6+1 is fine, especially since the G43 has become a pocket-holster replacement for the J-frame in my world.

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    To add another date point. The G43 that have left has north of 10K. It's been beaten and carried. All I've done with it is change the RSA because I started to have failures to return to battery with 147 HST's. I will now change the RSA's every 5k period. Other than that I've had zero issues. I've run over a case of HST's through the gun and a half case of 124 HST's both with flat floor plates and Pierce +1 extensions without issue with the exception of the RSA being weak. I previously had another G43 that was sold that was also just as reliable. My G48 however does not like 147gr HST's as much as 124gr HST's and it gets really pissy with any round over 1.140" OAL which is crazy because if I remember correctly the 147gr HST's (P9HST2) is 1.135" OAL or there about. I think the G48 being ammo picky is a thing, maybe it is due to a short leade not sure and haven't had the time to explore it.

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    Over the course of my first 1,100 rounds through my early Glock 43 I had 7 FTFs, with various bullet weights, always with the last round in the magazine. I bought some extra strength springs from the Glock Store (not knowing where else to buy them) meant for use with magazine extenders. I used them with the standard 6 round Glock mags and the problem has gone away. I don't know what the replacement interval is going to be. I, too, called Glock about the RSA replacement interval and they told me every 5,000 rounds. I'm not sure I believe that.
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    Glocks have never worked right with aftermarket magazines or magazine extensions of any kind.
    If I want more than the 6+1 in a G43 I carry a G26.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CTX44 View Post
    I will start this by saying Iím a lil OCD about reliability issues, and so other folks might have had different experiences.

    Thatís all I got. Just thought Iíd share. I love these guns. But getting them to run defensive ammo with the reliability youíd expect from a G17 or G19 has been a bit of an exercise. Or to put it more preciselyóthey can definitely be as reliable, but not with every ammo. If youíre just running ball for training, you might not ever run into these issues at all. If you ran a box of carry ammo through the gun right after you bought it, and since then you've put 1K rounds of ball through it, and put an extended base-plate on, it might be worth rechecking your carry ammo, especially with a one handed grip.
    I'm a very big fan of Glock, but never really liked the G43. I hear what you're saying, but I'm just not fond of any gun that won't reliably use whatever quality ammo you use. That's a non-starter for me.

    The extended base-pad thing is always touchy. FWIW, I find the least amount of malfunctions with Glock OEM +2 magazines and with Dawson Precision HiCaps, but I have yet to find a reliable + base-pad for the G43. The closest I've come is the TangoDown Vickers Tactical +2.

    I agree with @JHC about aftermarket base-pads especially if we are talking about potentially using them for anything outside of training and competition. I don't get the warm and fuzzies from any aftermarket Glock magazines regardless of who makes them.

    @CTX44 now we need you to go out and do the same thing with a SiG P365; M&P Shield; Walther PPS M2; and Ruger LC9... and report back in a year, please and thank you.

    Thanks again for taking the time - informative post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JodyH View Post
    Glocks have never worked right with aftermarket magazines or magazine extensions of any kind.
    If I want more than the 6+1 in a G43 I carry a G26.
    I've never had an issue with OEM +2 extensions over thousands and thousands of rounds.

    Re: the G43, I've had reasonable success with the TTI +1s but not nearly as many rounds of HST through them as the OP. After reading this thread, I'll probably go back to the OEM mags. I'll definitely pick up some 124+P Speer GD next time I make a big ammo order.
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    Gold Dot 124+p in Glock 43/43X

    I find gold dot 124+p recoil to be quite stout in the little guns.

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    I had a few out of spec OAL 147 gn rainer plated hp that I had laying around waiting to have time to pull them. They were slightly too long, but I forget the length now. Anyway I tried them in two gen 4 g19 and a gen 4 g26 and they wouldn't go into battery. I then tried loading them into the g43 and they went into battery fine and fired all the out of spec rounds with no issue. What that means, I have no clue.

    I did notice how the recoil spring basically just falls out when field stripping it though, never really like that. Never really warmed up to the g43. The g42 in my eyes is far superior, other than the caliber.

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    The recoil spring falling out is just the result of the captured length. If it was an uncaptured spring it would be a handful.

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