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Thread: Underwood 10mm Hard Cast in Clear Ballistics Gel

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    Any chance you could test their heavier .357 load?

    Actually, I'd be interested in seeing if the 180gr bullet swerves off like the 10. Maybe compare it to a heavy swc as well as they typically go straight.

    If you're interested I could send some 158swc-wn and trunacated reloads(13.5gr 2400) to see if bullet design would make a difference.

    Im leary of shooting others reloads so I understand if you decline
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    Quote Originally Posted by 03RN View Post
    Any chance you could test their heavier .357 load?
    If I did it wouldn't be anytime soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lester Polfus View Post
    Of all the 10mm platforms, the 1911 is the one most likely to run with heavy, hardcast WFN 10mm loads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtcarm View Post

    LOL. Ok. Of all the 10mm autoloader platforms...
    I was into 10mm Auto before it sold out and went mainstream.

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    Since I bought my Sig P220 10mm Elite for woods carry, I bought a few boxes of those Underwood hardcasts in 220 grain and I didnít have a single problem with them. Of course, I didnít do no extensive tests as you did but they fired just as good as any other FP 10mm load Iíve shot. Even tried the solid copper 180 grain underwood Lehigh defense lookalikes that look like a big Phillips head screwdriver and they fired just as good too. I havenít had the chance to shoot any four-legged critters with it yet but I feel pretty confident itíll do the job.

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