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Thread: Week 330: The 1-Second A-Zone Challenge

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    Week 330: The 1-Second A-Zone Challenge

    Week 330: The 1-Second A-Zone Challenge

    Results may be posted until August 19th, 2019.

    Designed by: Angel Mihaylov Zlatanov
    Range: 3 meters/3.28 yards/9.84 feet
    Target:IPSC/USPSA Metric target (lower A-zone or head, see below)
    Start position: Holstered and concealed
    Rounds fired: 5


    Many thanks to @zlatnia_bg for the contribution to the Drill of the Week!


    Start with handgun loaded and holstered, hands at sides. At the start signal, draw and shoot 1 shot to the lower A-Zone (regular version of the drill) or head box (hard version of the drill.) Repeat the same four more times. Make all your five shots in 1 second.

    Please report the following when you post your results in this thread:

    Equipment used (gun, holster, concealment used)
    Which version of the drill (regular or hard)
    Pass or Fail (made hits and time on all five repetitions, or not)
    Anything you noticed

    Training with firearms is an inherently dangerous activity. Be sure to follow all safety protocols when using firearms or practicing these drills. These drills are provided for information purposes only. Use at your own risk.
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    Hi all! This exercise is very difficult for me. I tryed to do it this morning and my resoults were very bad jajajja. I did not get through any of the 5 reps. I used duty holster safariland. Pistol Glock 17, Gen4 Original Sights. Start Position Duty at 3 meters. These are my times:

    1º 1.19sc
    2º 1.22sc
    3º 1.11sc
    4º 1.05sc
    5º 1.06sc

    Name:  thumbnail_20190720_124440jjjjj.jpg
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    I will continue training

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    M&P 2.0C
    JMCK AIWB 2.0 under a t-shirt

    .88 - high, between A and head

    I also went full Ricky Bobby on it.

    .75 C

    At the end of the day I decided to run it hard one more time.

    .85 C
    .79 C

    I was kind of smoked at that point and it showed. The .93 draw I didn't get a good cover garment clear so I shot it from a tangled up retention-ish kind of position. Got an A hit though.

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    5" m&p 2.0
    Henry holsters aiwb with dsg darkwing and wedge
    polo concealment

    1.00 d
    1.00 a
    1.03 c
    .91 c
    .96 a


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    With a lack of dry practice lately, this was punching above my weight class today. I hit it twice out of the 5 runs and mostly had to rely on index of the slide and even then I was very sloppy, as you can see with the d and pair of c's. My reaction time to the beep has diminished a bit as well. It's not exactly a skill that I value, sub 1 at 3 so I don't think I'll revisit it much in the future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by backtrail540 View Post
    It's not exactly a skill that I value, sub 1 at 3 so I don't think I'll revisit it much in the future.
    I like it because the close distance takes almost everything out of the picture and lets you focus on pure speed. Doing some of my draw work at three yards the last couple years has helped me in that area.

    A drill I created for the three yard line (that I especially like as a contest with multiple shooters) uses reducing par times. Use the head of a USPSA/IDPA silhouette as your target. Start with a 2 second par and reduce it by .25 after every draw. When you get to 1.25 start reducing the par by .10 after every shot. The drill ends when you can't beat the par time or miss the head. I usually allow one mulligan, but after taking it you have your choice of shooting with one hand or moving to five yards for the rest of the drill.

    The slow initial par lets you get into a rhythm and then the reduced pars force you move at max speed. I can beat the .85 par but haven't beat the .75 yet. In all of my shooting I've hit .75 multiple times but for the moment I'm stuck there.

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    Glock 23.
    My own 180gr Montana Gold JHP load.
    Under a T-shirt.

    I used an IDPA target, slightly narrow on the sides. Been likin' these lately.

    I ran it 3 times. Missed once, on two runs, missed twice on one, so, FAIL.

    Best overall:

    Name:  20190726_135411.jpg
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    As always, I go too fast, accuracy suffers. That 1 second time hack is tough for me.

    I know it doesn't show, but I do drills like this alot, at 10 yes to contact. My average time for 1 shot, in A zone, from concealment, is 1.4 w/ untucked shirt, 1.6 tucked.

    Need more practice!
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    Glock 17 Gen.4 with factory trigger
    Kydex Holsters Bulgaria
    S&B factory ammo, PF>140
    Under a T-shirt

    The regular version of the drill. Pass.

    It was Mr. White who came up with the hard version, and it’s going to be a challenge for the BG shooters.

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    Glock 19 Gen.5 MOS with factory trigger and vortex viper red dot sight installed
    "T-rex sidecar holster"
    S&B factory ammo
    Under a T-shirt

    The regular version of the drill. Pass.
    1- 0,96
    2- 0,93
    3- 0,93
    4- 0,96
    5- 0,90

    I've tried the hard version of the drill. Fail, but I'm close.

    1- 1.00
    2- 0.95
    3- 0,96
    4- 0,93
    5- 1,04 - miss - I could not get my grip right.

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    Gun: Ruger LCP
    Start Position: Adapted to pocket-carry/hand on gun
    A-Zone version was shot SHO and Head-shot version was shot Freestyle ..... I made three (3) runs at each.
    Failed on the Time on several occasions.

    Run #1: A-Zone Times: .79 .75 .78 .81 .80
    Head-shot Times: .91 .92 1.05 .92 .91

    Run #2: A-Zone Times: .92 .87 .88 1.00 .83
    Head-Shot Times: .90 .91 .94 1.03 .92

    Run #3: A-Zone Times: .75 .81 .70 .79 .82
    Head-Shot Times: .96 1.03 1.01 .99 .98

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    Hard version

    P-07 ProGrade / JMCK AIWB 2.5

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