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Thread: RFI - Beretta 92 trigger springs. Oem or is Wolff as good ?

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    RFI - Beretta 92 trigger springs. Oem or is Wolff as good ?

    Iím buying some spare parts for my 92s and understand Mr. Langdon routinely replaces his trigger springs at 5,000 round intervals. Iíve seen some posts here saying newer Beretta trigger springs seem to last longer than the older ones.

    Have people here found Wolff springs comparable in quality, on this part ? Iíve certainly used them for magazines and recoil springs but havenít tried their trigger springs. Edit - Iím NOT talking about the Wolff spring conversion, which I know some here like. Just a standard replacement.

    BUSA seems to be out of stock at the moment, is one reason Iím asking.
    Edit the second - I grabbed some from Wolff to have on hand, but any experiences are welcome.
    Thank you.
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    I think they're comparable, at least I've never had one break.
    The current TRS in my training gun has 30k live rounds on it and the least the same number of dry fire manipulations. I used to change the TRS at every 5k rounds as proscribed, but I don't really think it's an issue anymore.
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