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Thread: PSA: Smith Model 15-3s for $399

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    PSA: Smith Model 15-3s for $399

    From Kings:

    I'm tempted. But I am THIS close to finishing all my firearms projects and I want to have them done before I take on any more.
    I was into 10mm Auto before it sold out and went mainstream.

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    Is that an awesome deal? It seems like for 50-100 more you can get something super shiny off Gunbroker. I shot SeriousStudents and it was SWEET!

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    It's gone. Looks like they just had the one.

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    Cool I have one those on the way!!!

    I wonder if I got the last one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tankpondman View Post
    I wonder if I got the last one.

    Post pics when you get it

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    I'll do my best.

    I've never posted a pic on the forums I look at.
    Perhaps my grandson will be of some help.

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