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Thread: Red 1 Holsters Shivworks up date and short review

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    Red 1 Holsters Shivworks up date and short review

    Posted an RFI for this holster a while back, didn't get a lot of info back. So, I took the plunge last week and ordered one.

    Ordered last Wednesday, was in my mail box on Saturday of the same week.
    The built in wedge. Honestly, I was a little skeptical, figured I would have to at the minimum add a piece of the velcro pile so I didn't get a hot spot. Nope! It's about as perfect as it could be. It strikes the perfect balance of being concealed and yet being easily drawn and presented. I run the loops on the 1.75" holes with a 1.5" belt, gives just enough movement to allow it to settle into a sweet spot and stay there. I have been wearing since Saturday afternoon with complete comfort. I went to my range, (otherwise known as the East pasture) and ran some drills and worked some presentations. It was flawless for me. I drove 300 miles on Monday, no discomfort or need to shift things around.The holster is G17 sized, so it will carry that whole series. I am using it for my G45. I will update again in 60 or so days.
    They offer your money back if you are not satisfied, however I won't be exercising that option as I am truly happy with this holster.
    My only critique, which is based only on my personal preference, is I wish it was offered in orange or grey c-inside.
    I'm wearing this 11-12 hrs a day, no issues.
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    To paraphrase a (dubiously) wise gentleman, just because a man likes a new holster doesn't make him easy.

    First I've heard of these. More options is more better.
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    Awesome holster for the price.

    Have a 5 shot leather SME on the way for my M&P but I still want to grab one of these just to have as a spare.

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    ^^^ Yep, not just the price, but the fact that I had mine 3 days after I ordered it. Actually arrived the same day as my SCD from TDG, almost like it was destiny calling.

    14 hr day yesterday, 80% of it driving, the rest hiking over hill and dale doing doing site survey's in some pretty rough country. It carries great, settles into the sweet spot and you don't even notice it.
    As hot and humid as it has been, I really like the built in wedge vs using a foam pad.
    "Just because a girl sleeps with her brother doesn't mean she's easy..."-Blues

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    Just ordered one for my M&P9. Although I can't quite tell the difference between the Speedmaster X2 and the Shivworks model I'm sure it'll work just fine.

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