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Thread: OWB or IWB/AIWB for EDC?

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    OWB or IWB/AIWB for EDC?

    What is your preferred way to carry?

    *What promoted the question is, when I see video clips from various shooting courses, including tactical/CCW oriented ones, it seems that the vast majority of people use OWB holsters. I assumed that more people carried IWB/AIWB, but figured Id ask the question.
    I carry IWB strong side, and shoot that way in the courses I do, usually from concealment.
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    AIWB all day, every day. OWB when I go to the range to qualify.

    (Standard IWB doesn't work well for me.)
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    AOWB in an RCS Perun.
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    I prefer IWB but often carry OWB because my work jeans dont have room for both me and the gun. I also carry OWB for classes for easier safe reholstering.

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    AIWB all the time.
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    Ive got my share of plastic holsters for the range, but when it comes down to everyday concealed carry for the street, I always fall back to OWB/leather. Comfortable against the body. Aker Flatsider holster.

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    My routine is IWB strong side again, although for several years I was OWB strong side. I'm dressing a bit more casual these days, so back to IWB.
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    Clearly, IWB is king, but why do so many shoot OWB at courses? Why not train the way you carry, IWB from concealment?
    * I realize many courses dont allow AIWB, but strong side IWB is usually no problem.

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    OWB because I can. I'm no fan of open carry, but I can't stand IWB, so I compromise with OWB and a good cover garment. Usually that cover garment is an untucked short sleeve shirt.

    I can get away with it for many reasons:
    • I live in a state where accidently revealing a concealed firearm is no issue.
    • I live in a state where firearms are common place so printing or revealing is not socially awkward.
    • I live in a rural area where everyone pretty much wears untucked work clothes.
    • I own a business where untucked button up shirts are acceptable.
    • I live in a cold climate, so it's easy to cover a gun.
    • OWB is more comfortable than just about anything else.

    If I lived in another climate, or urban environment, I would reconsider my choice.

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    AIWB for edc and competition.

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