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Thread: Mitch Rosen American Rear Guard (Formerly Ayoob Rear Guard)

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    Thanks for all the responses everyone, it sounds like it should work out well for my intended uses then... I have never been one to carry SOB for various reasons.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mas View Post
    I designed it for 3:30 carry, and still use it as such.
    Was not expecting to get a response from the man himself, thank you for the input Mas!

    Quote Originally Posted by sparkyfender View Post

    I see you are going to acquire an HK USP Compact. Great gun.
    Yes, I have owned a couple in the last few years that got traded for one reason or another... knowing that I would have another one (or two) in my future. I got a good deal on this holster secondhand hoping I'd be able to swing one before the year end, only time will tell but I will post in the H&K pic thread when it arrives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 41magfan View Post
    I suspect semantics may be the culprit here, but my friend wore his (what I described as 4:30 and worked well for him) about where you're wearing yours in this blog photo;
    You're right about the semantics, bro. Are we basing our point of "o'clock" on where the butt ends up, or the top of frame or slide, or somewhere in between? I go with where the barrel of the gun is aligned, which forme is generally around 3:30. Others' mileage (and language) may vary.

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