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Thread: Dipping My Toe Into The Red Dot Sea

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    Dipping My Toe Into The Red Dot Sea

    I admit it. I'm getting older. The front sight is fuzzy on a good day. The rear sight is none too sharp either. And old eyes focus so dang SLOW!!!!

    So, I found an unfired Glock Gen4 17 slide that had already been milled for the DPP. I've been running this gun in USPSA production for some months now.

    So, if I ever figure out where that damn dot goes when I shoot WHO, I will be going CO in the mighty USPSA game. Someone said something about "practice" and something about "dryfire." I guess.

    This morning's trial run gives me hope that I might have a few more years left to play on the range.

    PS If I add the Leupy rear sight to this contraption, any idea what height front sight I should be looking at?

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    Welcome to red dots! When shooting support hand, I find it helpful to make sure I put the pistol under my dominant eye, frame the target with rim of the optic rather than looking for the dot, and try to put my middle finger holding the pistol through the center of the target.
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