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Thread: The Riddle of Steel (Challenge)

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    New SC web site, apparently:
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    Thanks. It works fine (old one did too) without any glitches for my stuff.

    It hasn't magically bumped me to GM though. So annoying!

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    Well run steel challenge matched(or at least squads) are fun. I know several USPSA GMs that use it for practice. I used to belong to a club that left 5 stages set up on an ongoing basis. I loved going out on a weekday and using the stages for differing drills.

    Steel is also a terrific way to introduce a newer shooter to the sport. One or two steel matches will give them some confidence going into uspsa or IDPA.

    Note, there are many outlaw “steel challenge” challenge matches. The two clubs in my area that have dropped affiliation with the national organization, but still run good matches.

    Outlaw steel matches(not steel challenge) are among the most fu. You can have with a gun on...
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    I kinda find it enjoying. I'm just not that fast enough. LOL

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