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Thread: Rangemaster Firearms Instructor Course, Ohio

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    Rangemaster Firearms Instructor Course, Ohio

    On October 3-5 (Thursday through Saturday), we will conduct a Three Day Firearms Instructor Development Course at the excellent facilities of the Xenia, Ohio, Police Department in Xenia, OH. This is a very nice training complex and the class is open to everyone. To register, see

    This is an intensive full three day (24 hours total) course that teaches candidates:
    modern adult learning theory;
    preparation, delivery, and documentation of training;
    development of training aids, including power points and others;
    coaching methodologies, diagnosing and correcting shooters’ errors;
    modern, effective gunhandling techniques, designed to work under stress;
    proper handling/operation of a variety of handgun types; and
    effective, efficient combat marksmanship techniques.

    The course time is divided about equally between classroom sessions and range firing, and each student will fire approximately 1,000 rounds of ammunition. Students will act as coaches for other students, and each will be coached extensively in turn. Students also receive a 200+ page training manual, which is a valuable information and reference resource. To graduate from this course, students must pass a shooting qualification and pass a written examination. This course satisfies the training requirements for the Oklahoma CLEET requirements to become an OK SDA Instructor; for a state firearms instructor license in South Carolina by SLED; for 22 hours of continuing education credit in South Carolina by SCCJA; for 24 hours training credit by Georgia POST; for a license as an instructor for permit courses in Arkansas through the Arkansas State Police; for CWL instructors in Florida, and for in-service training credit for law enforcement officers in Florida and South Dakota.

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    Man, I would absolutely LOVE to take this course, but unfortunately Nurse Practitioner school and working 3 jobs leaves me without a day off...ever. Hopefully this course will return to Ohio in a couple years.

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    We’re working on getting special rates at the new Hampton Inn in town. Should have that locked down soon.
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    This is a great facility with a grass range, air conditioned classroom(a legit building, not just a glorified shed) with good restrooms, etc. You can read about my experience in this course at this same facility a year ago here:


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    Class is half full. Time to get registered.

    In early October we have a Three Day Firearms Instructor Development Course (pistol) coming up at a fabulous range complex in Xenia, Ohio. We will be using the Xenia Police Dept’s excellent classroom and range. The brand new Hampton Inn in Xenia is just a few minutes from the range. Please note this is a Thursday through Saturday class. See the link below for more details or to register. This class is already over half full, so don’t delay.

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