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Thread: Use of lights

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Sharp View Post
    I’m not a fan of blipping people in the eyes. Well, let’s say sober people. Drunk dudes, homeless guys, and that type of unknown contact respond well to getting blipped or strobed. Sober, or almost sober people aren’t as affected.
    Drunk people it works well on. I've strobed belligerent drunks before and it really does disorient them.

    I did recently use a blip on someone, who I assume was sober(ish), about a year ago. I was by Midway Airport about 10:30 at night to pick up a friend from a late flight, when a 'friendly' driver was upset I wouldn't let him merge into the side of my vehicle. I honked at him and he was furious. At the next traffic light he rolled down his window to both give me a mouthful and the one finger salute. I ignored him, which made him madder, and he started to get out of his car. So I rolled the passenger window down and thinking he was going to get to scream some more, he stopped getting out of his car. He opens his mouth to utter another "Fuck You!" - and I blasted him with a 1000 lumens in the face from about 8-feet away. It had the desired effect it just reset him mid-sentence. The light turned green a moment later and I took off, while he sat there for a few seconds trying to figure out what had happened. I could see in my rear view that his girlfriend was laughing at him as I drove away.

    I haven't had a lot of instances where I find light to be the most useful tool, but that certainly worked. I think it's really both a matter or surprise and expectation. He was expecting me to engage verbally and instead just got hit with blinding light and the next thing he sees is my tail lights vanishing in the distance. If I hadn't been using a powerful flashlight at relatively close distance, it would not have worked nearly as well. The fact that we were on a fairly poorly lit street with minimal ambient lighting also contribute to the efficacy of it, I think. The fact that we were both in cars, so our night vision was adjusted to low ambient lighting inside the vehicle, the way light bounces around inside of a car changes those dynamics too.

    Anyways, that is my single anecdotal, "I've used a flashlight on a sober person once to reset them" story.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 45dotACP View Post
    I'm trying to visualize an Ezekiel choke with a light but I'm coming up short here...I only know the one where I grab my own sleeve.

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    The hand that chops into the carotid/jugular is holding the light hammerfist style with the bezel down.
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    I see a lot of pros and cons to blipping the eyes. If it works great, don't get married to the idea of it. The biggest issue I see in the field with cops is that they get focused on where they are actively aiming the light and not looking at the suspect's hands. If you're distraction technique is distracting you from the things that can actually kill you, who's it working on?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1Rangemaster View Post
    You should be commended for seeking out instruction and training on an important aspect of personal defense, IMO.
    Hardware is important, but one can really get “into the weeds” with all the choices nowadays. Again, my opinion, but buy quality first: Streamlight, Surefire and recently Maglite all have excellent products, and get one(or two) that fit your
    lifestyle/carrying circumstances. I’m enough of a nerd to where I have a couple of lights within reach, but get one asap.
    Claude Werner(search “Tactical professor”) has some simple but effective suggestions. In many classes, there is a “low light” component, but these are introductions to technique and familiarization firing. GUNSITE is one place that has an evening dedicated to low light/darkness. Thunder Ranch is another immersive school with usually a dedicated session.
    Rogers classes almost always include an evening session.
    For research, I’d also look at some of the material by Mike Seeklander. Surefire “Field Notes” have some good and quick highlights by competent people.
    FWIW, personally I have a couple of techniques-neck index and “Harries” I dry practice, and that would be a strong recommendation.
    Good luck in your journey
    Good info for sure.

    I had a few low light classes with Seeker at USSA. Good shit...

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    Strobes, set up correctly, not all are, used correctly, mostly not because lack of education, can work really, really well.

    Strikes with small lights I teach mostly what Craig teaches in his EWO class, pikal jabs. It's by far the best way for most people in most circumstances.
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