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Thread: North Texas Training

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    North Texas Training

    North TX Weaponcraft

    A new concept: Regional Training Groups.

    @Dagga Boy approached me a few weeks ago about creating a regional training calendar specifically for our Dallas/Ft Worth area. This would obviously help locals find training in our area. It would also help prevent doubled up classes because hosts and instructors would have access to a broader schedule.

    I've decided to expand his idea to include hosted classes within a "reasonable" 3 hour drive of the Metroplex because there's a bunch of cool stuff happening at Austin, OKC, and North Houston that folks would travel to.

    I hope you guys find this helpful.

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    By the way, there are a couple extra classes that aren't on the broader site.

    Low Light Handgun with Bryan Veliz of SlyTac Solutions and Centrifuge Training. Aug 20-21
    Pistol with JJ. Racaza. Oct 25-26

    More coming soon.

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    This thing is gold!! Thanks for putting it together.

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    Awesome, thanks for putting in the work!

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