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Thread: CQB Pistol & Rifle Course October 13th Tampa Bay Area, Florida

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    CQB Pistol & Rifle Course October 13th Tampa Bay Area, Florida

    On October 13th I will be offering a one-day CQB Pistol & Rifle course in the Tampa Bay area focusing on specific skills drills including close quarters engagements from up close and personal out to 50 yards. Think of the skills you might need to engage an active killer.

    This is an intermediate level course including movement with an unholstered handgun and carbine or rifle. You must have mastered basic safe gun handling skills and marksmanship fundamentals.

    Some of the things that will be covered:

    This one-day course will cover the principles of close quarters engagements.

    Point Shooting vs. Precision Shooting
    Threat Evaluation
    Risk identification and mitigation
    Lethal threat containment and management
    Use of cover and concealment
    Weapon Retention
    Performing under stress
    Verbal challenges
    Close range shooting upright and from the ground both handgun and long gun
    Opposite hand drills with the handgun
    Stoppage and Malfunction clearance along with some reality-based scenario training as well.

    This is a full ten (10) hour day of training.

    Tuition: $195.00
    Training Location will be given to registered and paid attendees only.

    Round Count 150 Pistol & 400 Rifle

    Equipment Needed: Handgun (A backup gun if possible) Carbine or Rifle with sling, Belt mounted dominant side holster or appendix holster, Three Magazines (Mo' Is Betta), Magazine Pouch to carry two magazines, Ballistic Eye Protection, Muff Style Ear Protection is recommended, Baseball Style Cap for the range, comfortable footwear that allows for rapid movement and turning, and a bag lunch. Water and Gatorade will be provided for everyone.

    Inbox me here for more information and to register and pay your tuition. These courses are limited to a maximum of ten seats each so all students receive a significant amount of personal coaching, there is more one on one coaching here and tips than any other one or two day course out there. All movement drills are done in a controlled environment with the utmost attention to safety and all drills are demonstrated to standard before students practice and then run them live fire. Students must have a valid state issued identification card or drivers license and a state or county issued concealed carry license or permit, no exceptions.
    Be vigilant, be the best!

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    Date Change

    New Date Sunday November 24th, we will be training at a very nice outdoor facility in the greater Tampa Bay area.

    Currently only four seats left.
    Be vigilant, be the best!

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