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Thread: Best tuckable holsters options for a Glock 45/19X

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    Best tuckable holsters options for a Glock 45/19X

    For those that have tried to conceal a larger gripped handgun, what tuckable holsters have worked for you, if any? In this case it is for a Glock 45 but experience with any other similar-sized platform is more than welcome.
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    Your RFI just inspired me to try it. With a G45 I tried it with a dark colored polo using a PHLSter skeleton and a DSG Orion with the metal clip. Of the two it is easier with the PHLSter. There is some printing with both for me based on movement. Too much to be workable for me. I tried smaller guns and found that this was something where the length of grip matters. The 19.5 concealed better and the 26 2.5 concealed the best. The draw from the DSG was the easiest with all three sized pistols. I think that given a G45 and my two tuckable holsters I would need to opt for untucked.

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    I have tried 6-7 tuckable holsters. None worked well enough for even casual concealment. As soon as I tucked in my shirt, I had a distinctly gun-shaped bulge. The vast majority have belt attachments that clearly look out of place while the holster is being worn.

    The best advice I can provide is donít waste your money on tuckable holsters, and look at alternative solutions for your needs.

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    The Crossbreed SuperTuck has worked best for me. It is very comfortable, distributes the weight very well and when drawing with a tucked in shirt, the material doesn't hang up and get caught on the holster or belt clips when you pull the shirt out of the way. I use it for a G17 and it makes the gun disappear.

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