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Thread: P30 auto slide release - training around the issue

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    Battle field pickups not withstanding, the cross platform issue a valid arguement, but not one I would press.

    I try to add stress when I shoot, even if it is only against a timer.or against another shooter, or monetary pressure. I have never shot anyone, but I have pointed guns at A LOT of people, under stressful conditions where pressing the trigger, frankly, would have been easier than checking my fire for whatever reason I needed to.

    I teach the power stroke, and the slide release to the people I teach. I no longer buy the gross motor skills vs fine motor skills argument (thank you Hilton and TLG). And I have, over the last 25 years interchangibly carried 5 and 6 shot revolvers, striker fired pistols of both the partially tensioned and fully tensioned types, TDA, DAO, and single action conditions one, three, and four. Ten minutes of dry fire and I am acclimated to my platform of the day. I have never had to do more than acclimate to the handgun of the day. I also have no problem going from strong side hip, AIWB, 4 o'clock OWB/IWB, SOB, crossdraw and shoulder holster. Traditional tactical think would say that I am AFU. I also put partially depleted magazines back in mag pouches rather a pocket after a tac load. Not only am I gonna get kilt on da streetz, I am likely going to Hell for such blasphemy.

    Can I honestly say that I can't screw up? Nope. Do I think my way is ideal for everyone? Nope. Do I think I am a special unicorn of the gun world? Nope.

    What I do think is that as adaptive animals we sell ourselves short. I am absolutely willing to risk my life, the lives of those I love, and the lives of those I am charged to protect, on being able draw, fire, and manipulate various guns I am familiar with from any position I may be carrying.

    All that said, south paws need to make things work for themselves. There is a saying among firearms instructors about the wrong handed....

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    Not sure if it's a L/H thing or more related to how I reload, but every pistol I have been issued or carried has auto forwarded at least as often as not - except for the M&P 2.0s.

    Anyway, when the slide doesn't go forward on its own after I've seated the magazine, I'll get it back in battery on my own. How do I know? By feel &/or seeing its still back. Once either of those indicators I go for the slide or the ambi slide stop depending on the pistol.

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    Thanks all for the responses. Dryfire has yielded some good results. Will keep at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HopetonBrown View Post

    "I personally am not a fan of reaching over the top of the slide. Iíve seen too many bad things happen using that technique." -Pat McNamara

    I've personally witnessed more guys screw up the overhand slide rack than I have screw up pressing the slide stop.

    Stick them on a timer and when they go to pull the slide back, they won't pull it back far enough, then they go to assume their support grip, realize the slide is still back, then have to try again.
    Shack. "Short-stroking" is a real thing for me on the P30sk, not on the full sized P30 as yet. Often enough that I wouldn't want to F with it in a self defense scenario. I've since returned to the slide release.

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