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Thread: New sights from 10-8

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    I've been looking at these today. Do we know what height combo works with which of his rear sights on a Glock 48?

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    I just installed the .250 height in yellow with the MOS rear on a g48. It shot POI at the top of the blade at 25yds with 124gr +P HST. I like the sights, but as another person said earlier, serrations on the front sight would have made them better.

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    I just picked up a set for a gen 5 17. Just an fyi, the .215 height had a POI about 5 inches above the front sight post at 25. ill be swapping it for a .250 here shortly.

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    Im glad I re-found this thread. A .125 HD front with an appropriate rear is very appealing to me.

    ETA: spoke too soon. U notch rear.
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    I picked up two of the orange outline .125 x .235 fronts to pair with some .145 width Wilson/Vickers rears on a 19X and a 45.
    I like the looks of this combo and should shoot to the POA/POI I prefer on those two pistols.
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    The .125 front with .140 notch rear was way too tight for my 50yo eyes (no glasses yet). Trying a .115 FO front with that rear next.

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