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Thread: Self-Illuminating Night Sight Poll

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    3 carry guns, all Glock (19, 17, 26). I have Trijicon HDs (least favorite) on the 26, Spaulding CAP Sights (next favorite) on the 19, and Ameriglo Pro I-Dots (favorite) on the 17.

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    My preference is night sights on all. Unfortunately, it’s not always feasible.

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    Night sights on all three Glocks...19, 26 and 17.

    Painted front sight on 642. When it gets carried at night I have a headlamp on anyway.

    (Fiber optic on a 686+ that is rarely if ever carried.)
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    Self-Illuminating Night Sight Poll

    I should add that when I had my North American Arms .380 and Kel-Tec P-32 modified, Crimson Trace lasers were not yet available for these guns. In both cases, now that the lasers are available and good pocket holsters can be obtained for guns so equipped, if I were doing it again today, I would add a laser and call it good. That is exactly what I did with my Kel-Tec P3AT.

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    Everything I carry has night sights now that the Shield has them. I've evolved over the years on the usefulness of them, going from "mandatory!!!!" to "meh, nice to have but you can do without them as well." I'm ok with a fiber optic as well. I'm partially color blind, though, and need something that's higher contrast. Black on black sights leave me blind to the front sight on dark targets, even in well lit situations. Since most of the high viz options have a tritium insert anyway, why not? As a bonus, it makes the gun easier to find at night if dropped, stored in a tent pocket, etc. So, aside from a few not-carried guns that have fiber optic sights (or one with a brass insert), everything has night sights. Primarily Trijicon HD orange insert or the closest OEM equivalent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RevolverRob View Post
    If you’re inbetween you’re probably limited for sight options, lazy, or both (like me).
    Pretty much this.

    Quote Originally Posted by Duelist View Post
    I consider them important and desirable, though perhaps not *essential*, and will pay to get them on a carry gun they can reasonably be obtained for.
    And this here.

    My duty/ 99% carry P250c sports factory rear tritium blacked out with a Sharpie and an Ameriglo ProGlo orange front. Retired Glock has orange CAP front/Sharpie'd Operator rear.
    Training P250c, K9, CW9, and BHP have rear white dots Sharpie'd and front white dots painted orange. SP101 has orange paint on factory front. I'd like tritium on the other front sights, but it would be a higher priority if I could get them with the orange surrounds instead of white.
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    Tritium night sights on all carry guns.
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    I pretty much need the FO in the daytime now, but have TFOs on several, including the primary full size carry guns (M&P 2.0c, SR1911 LWCs). Right now I am mainly shooting an M&P with Dawson FO, but some of that is facilitating things that we do in the daylight that are hypothetically "defensive" scenarios, but are probably more realistically just contests amongst my friends.

    Plus I have glued the XS Big Dot onto two of my J-Frames, and the 340 came with the little Big Dot, but that is mainly because it is a visible sight for those guns that happens to be illuminated. Though those might be most likely to come in handy since I often have one of those when I go out to watch the dog shit before we go to bed. Come to think of it, maybe I should get that for the 360...

    Off topic, but maybe I should just one by one take every single gun out of the safe, reflect on anything I want to do to that specific gun, and not buy another damn thing for any other gun until I follow through.
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    I learned that I don’t need tritium sights because after a couple shots at night I can’t see the tritium dot anymore. I don’t bother with them anymore. My carry j frames have crimson trace laser grips. My home defense guns have white lights. If I could get Ameriglo front sights with just orange dots and no tritium I would use them.
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    NS always ends up being a side effect of upgrading, as opposed to a main effect, for me. Since my eyes are terrible, I’m constantly looking to upgrade sights, eg. the XS big dots on my G42, or various iterations of fat orange front/flat black rear on my other adult-sized Glocks. Since these options are always available with a trit insert up front, why not?

    Where things get stuck back in the days of "laverne & shirley" and "starsky & hutch" is wheelguns: my myriad J-frames all suck 50s-80s wind with orange paint on the front blades. Just as soon as Colt came out with a real snub with real sights, I was back on the front NS train for my main squeeze, but only because Colt thoughtfully threw an insert inside that fat white dot and fat rear trough on the excellent Night Cobra.

    JME of things. Put me down for whatever vote works with my wheelgunner’s "I’ll take it if it’s available" attitude.
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