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Thread: School me on GSSF

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    School me on GSSF

    For the first time in years GSSF is becoming available in my state. My mentor is a USPSA Grand Master across several disciplines, and he suggested I try that for the most fun. But time and money being what they are right now, GSSF seems like an innocuous, less intensive way to start competing, especially at the Guardian rates.. The coupons are really no better than my Blue Label, my kids are getting old enough to participate, start learning, and get guns of their own.

    So in addition to the generalities of what to expect, I have a couple specific questions.

    It is my understanding that I will have to return my G17.4MOS to stock configuration and remove the RMR to use it to compete. How closely is that monitored? My sights are Suarez/Trijicon two dot tritium suppressor height.

    In relation to the last question I have a G20.3 that aside from the Tango Down slide release and the NY1/"-" connector trigger setup is stock. The concern is I got the frame off of Gunbroker and the slide assembly off of Fleabay, so the frame and the slide have different serial numbers.

    What do I need to be concerned about? What is not worth worrying about? How can I best set myself up for success?

    Thanks in advance,

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    We've done a couple of GSSF discussions in the past. I've never shot it myself, but there's a lot of information in these two threads:

    Mr. White gave a lengthy rundown on GSSF in this one:

    Also this one:

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    Definitely read through the referenced thread first and then start slinging questions when done.

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    Read the rules, read the other threads here.

    But for a quick point, there is an Unlimited Division where your optic can compete.

    I don't know about your mixed number gun, you could probably shoot it in Stock with a Glock slide release substituted for the aftermarket part.
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    Thanks yous guys, I was lazy and had not searched. I have now, and realize I am in the grey zone. Some ROs will, others won't


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    The other "gateway drug" to competition is Steel Challenge.
    Uncomplicated but challenging with divisions for all USPSA guns plus .22 pistol and rifle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Watson View Post
    The other "gateway drug" to competition is Steel Challenge.
    Uncomplicated but challenging with divisions for all USPSA guns plus .22 pistol and rifle.
    Absolutely. Some monthly nonsanctioned steel challenge matches (without draw) at a club I was a member of really gave me a good few "matches" to get used to competing. It was awesome.

    I haven't tried GSSF, but likely will at some point. The idea of winning a Glock sounds awesome.


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    Quote Originally Posted by cor_man257 View Post
    The idea of winning a Glock sounds awesome.
    I won one Glock for shooting good and they gave me 2 more just for showing up.

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    Two cycles of Indoor GSSF, I have a range bag and a cap for prizes. Nothing for score, a Glock is a lot harder for me to shoot than other pistols.
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