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Thread: One of those what you carry everyday threads

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    One of those what you carry everyday threads

    So I figured I'd start one of those threads.. you know the one with all the well used Hardware. So here's my two that have seen a lot of miles.. one is an M&P 340 that I bead blasted the finish off so that I could weld up the internal lock holes, it also got some trigger work inside and out, the trigger corners have been radiused to get rid of the pinch, the internals have been polished, and I removed the front sight and milled it to adjust the windage and then reinstalled it so that it now shoots to point of aim point of impact. I also hand fitted a titanium cylinder in place of the stainless one. The other is a 340pd that I removed the red ramp front sight and installed one of those hi Vis jobs in Green, the internals of the PD have also been polished. The bead blasted M&P 340 is my range slave that I use exclusively for practice to keep the round count down on my daily carried 340PD. The pocket holster I cooked up one night when I had too much coffee and stayed up late stitching till my fingers were raw, it works like I want.
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    You holster looks a lot like the RKBH holster I have, which I really like.

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    Nameless shameless copy

    It works good, stays open after the draw and has always stayed in the pocket on the draw. I saw a pocket holster in Dillons Blue Press reloading catalog so I drew up the shape to the size I wanted, and cut out the vegetable tanned leather to the basic shape, stitched the perimeter then wetted it with hot water and stuffed it full of j frame, I then took a smooth ended stick and pressed the contours in. After drying on the vent overnight I used oil on the leather then dyed it black, after the dye I painted the edges using edgecoat.

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