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Thread: Cecil Burch BJJ For Self-Defense Petaluma, CA August 3, 2019

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    Cecil Burch BJJ For Self-Defense Petaluma, CA August 3, 2019

    On August 3rd, I will be at Esteem BJJ in Petaluma, CA (about an hour north of Oakland) teaching a seminar on applying BJJ in a self-defense context.

    The focus on the class will be taking fundamental and typical BJJ skills that are practiced all the time on the mat, and to make sure the attendee understands how to apply those skills successfully to defend themselves from the common assaults encountered in today's society. We will look at pre-fight containment strategies, understanding what are the most important things to do in an assault, and how to respond when the attacker has the initiative. We will also look at the techniques and tactics most favorable for the entangled fight in a weapons based environment.

    time: 12;00 - 3:00

    cost : TBA (but under $100 most likely)

    register: text the host (Michael) at (707) 292-9457

    Esteem BJJ is a terrific gym with great folks, and it is a great place to train at, whether on a regular basis, or just for the seminar.
    For info about training or to contact me:
    Immediate Action Combatives

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    Thanks Cecil. Looking forward to training with you again

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